STFC: Tugaash

Tugaash is one of the many systems that you can explore in STFC, however, its locked path has caused some frustration among players.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) follows the Kelvin chronology of the classic series, Star Trek and therefore, you can encounter legendary characters, ships and locations.

There are numerous systems to explore in the game, one of which is Tugaash.

STFC: Tugaash

Tugaash is a neutral, level-35 system in which players can find hostiles like Lost Gorn Warships, Bandits, Slavers, Thiefs, Bounty Hunters and Pirates, among others.

However, the various hostile species are not the reason that this system has been a big point of interest.

The second part of the Silver Scar quest requires that players follow the Voyager to the Nygea system, but it is directing players to Tugaash.

Unfortunately, the path through which players can reach Tugaash is locked and the only way to unlock the path is to complete Silver Scar part 2.

This bug has caused a lot of frustration amongst players, as they cannot unlock the path and therefore, they are unable to complete the quest.

Fortunately, Scopely, the game’s developer, quickly became aware of the issue and has since resolved the bug.

STFC: Tugaash
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What to do if you are still unable to unlock the path

If you still cannot unlock the Tugaash path, we recommend that you quit STFC completely and make sure that you have the latest version of the game installed.

Several players revealed that they were able to unlock the path after restarting the game.

Allegedly, part 1 of the quest was automatically completed after restarting the game, which means that players can now complete part 2 of Silver Scar.

However, if restarting the game does not work, you can log a ticket to make Scopely aware of the issue.

Silver Scar quest chain

To begin part 1 of Silver Scar, gamers must travel to the level-40 system, Veringan. You have to follow the given objectives and steps to unlock the second part 2 of the quest.

For completing the quests, players will earn the following rewards:

Quest Rewards
Silver Scar Part 1
  • Chakotay
  • 80 000 Ship Experience Points
Silver Scar Part 2
  • 1400 Latinum
  • 104 000 Officer Experience Points
  • 1200 3-star Raw Ore

Who can visit Tugaash?

In order to visit Tugaash, STFC players must have access to the Silver Scar mission chain. To begin and complete this questline, you need a minimum warp range of 65.

This means that if your warp range is below 65, you will not be able to visit Tugaash. That being said, some officers’ abilities increase the ship’s warp range.

However, even if you assign those officers to the ship, there is still a very good chance that your warp range could still be too low.

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