STFC: Trivia Questions

To complete the Trivia event in STFC, you have to answer a set of questions, and every answer has a specific task you have to complete.

You can explore strange new worlds, help locals, conquer hostiles and compete in faction wars in this explorative video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

To make progress in the game, you have to complete missions in space, each with unique objectives for you to enjoy.

Trivia Questions

In addition to following the main arc, you can participate in numerous in-game events.

One of these events is Generations Trivia, which began on Tuesday, 7 November 2023. Players will have until Friday, 10 November 2023 to answer a set number of questions to earn rewards.

STFC: Trivia Questions
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The table below lists the questions that you have to answer:

Generations Trivia number Question
1 In which order did the actions happen when the Enterprise crew was trying to save the passengers of the Lakul?
2 B’Etor said “Human females are so repulsive.” When she saw
3 How long was Kirk in the Nexus?
4 Time is a ….who goes with us on the journey and reminds us to cherish every moment because they’ll never come again
5 Who chose to stay in the Nexus?

Players should keep in mind that every question has 4 possible answers with  corresponding tasks they have to complete to earn the rewards.

Possible answers

You have to choose 1 of the 4 possible answers to answer each of the questions outlined above. The possible answers for each question are:

Generations Trivia number Possible Answers
  • A) Venting Plasma, Beam up Crew, Engines full Reverse, Resonance Burst
  • B) Beam up crew, Engines full reverse, venting plasma, resonance burst
  • C) Engines full reverse, venting plasma, resonance burst, beam up crew
  • D) Resonance burst, beam up crew, venting plasma, engines full reverse
  • A) Tasha
  • B) Deanna
  • C) Beverly
  • D) Antonia
  • A) 30 Years
  • B) 120 Years
  • C) 60 Years
  • D) 80 Years
  • A) Companion
  • B) Predator
  • C) Guardian
  • D) Guide
  • A) Picard
  • B) Kirk
  • C) Neither
  • D) Both

Correct Answers

Unfortunately, only 1 answer is correct for each question.. The following table lists the correct answer to every question:

Question Correct answer
B’Etor said, “Human females are so repulsive,”, when she saw C) Beverly: Mine 1 G2 Crystal
How long was Kirk in the Nexus? D) 80 Years: Mine 1 G2 Ore
Who chose to stay in the Nexus? C) Neither: Mine 2 G2 Gas
“Time is a……. who goes with us on the journey, and reminds us to cherish every moment because they’ll never come again.” A) Companion: Destroy 1 Hostile in Tellun

Who can participate in the event?

The event is only active for a few hours, however, you still get enough time to complete the tasks to earn rewards.

STFC Commanders between level 10 and level 70 can participate in the Generations Trivia event before it is removed from the game.

If you are below level 10, there may not be enough time to increase your level enough to enjoy the event.

We therefore recommend that you do not level up specifically for the event, but focus on the content available to you instead.

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