STFC: Trial Bells

STFC players can procure Trial Bells from the daily gift section or by participating in specific events to commence Q’s Trials.

Players can encounter legendary characters from the popular Star Trek series in this adventurous video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC). It is your duty to expand your fleet and explore a fictitious space realm.

The game recently got a major update, which introduced Trial Bells.

STFC: Trial Bells

Update 56, which was released on Tuesday, 4 July 2023, indicated that players can now enjoy a new activity called Q’s Trials. Players level 19 and upwards will have access to Q’s Court, from which you will be able to unlock the trials.

In order to begin a trial, you need to acquire Trial Bells, either through the daily gift or by participating in specific events.

Additionally, players can procure additional Trial Bells in the “Offers” tab, but you may need to purchase them with real money.

Before you begin a trial, we recommend that you learn more about the target by clicking the info icon on the Trial screen. It is crucial that you prepare for the trial accordingly after discovering the enemy’s details.

Players can unlock additional Trials by increasing the level of the Court of Q. Keep in mind that although you can unlock additional Trials, you still need Trial Bells to commence them.

Q’s Court

Q’s Court can only be constructed by players OPS level 19 upwards. To build the new building, you have to procure Court of Q Keys in the Gift Section. Once you have built the Court, you have to upgrade its level.

As the Court’s level increases, the amount of bonus Protomatter that you earn from completing a Trial also increases.

Players will also unlock additional Trials, which gives you access to certain Forbidden Tech refinery options and Forbidden Tech upgrades.

STFC: Trial Bells
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Every Trial in Q’s Court requires that you defeat a hostile before the time runs out. The target is unique to every Commander, which means that players will not face the same hostile.

Players can attempt to slay the hostile as many times as they want to while the timer is running.

However, you should note that the Trial hostile will regain its full SHP/HHP between every combat. If you successfully defeat the enemy, the Rank of the Trial will increase, which means that the target hostile also increases in power.


Once you have successfully completed a Trial, you will be rewarded with Protomatter, which can be used to upgrade your Forbidden Technology.

STFC gamers should note that the amount of Protomatter that they receive is determined by the Trial and their current Court of Q building level.

Your Rank can also increase once you have completed a Trial. As your Rank increases, you will be able to collect Milestone Rewards, such as unique pieces of Forbidden Tech.

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