STFC: Torvath

The Torvath is a technologically evolved civilization in STFC which can only be found in specific systems in STFC.

In November 2023 Scopely released update 60 for Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) and it revealed that the crew of the enterprise under Captain Picard encountered a new alien species known as the Torvath.

The Torvath are distinctly non-human, essentially closer to a prawn species.

STFC: Torvath
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The Torvath is a technologically evolved civilization and it has a high sense of culture. Update 60 also introduced 10 new missions that introduced the Torvath into STFC lore.

On the official STFC Discord channel, a commander known as [FOLD] ArsenicTouch revealed that these missions were part of a previous arc mission and that players were able to find these missions in the Holodeck.

Unfortunately, these missions have since become unavailable, which means that you cannot complete them.

That being said, Scopely hosted an in-game event called Cube Heavy Hitter – SLB, and it required that players defeat Torvath Hostiles to earn points.

Similarly to other hostiles in STFC, the Torvath can only be found in specific systems. This means that commanders had to travel to a specific system during the event to find the Torvath hostiles and vanquish them to earn points.

Keep in mind, however, that the Torvath have various statistics along with 3 Energy weapons that they will use to deal damage to your fleet.

Although the Cube Heavy Hitter – SLB event has concluded, you are still able to find the Torvath in the STFC galaxy and destroy them to collect their loot.

Torvath’s statistics

Before attacking a Torvath vessel, we recommend that you consider its statistics and weapon statistics. The Torvath’s statistics are outlined below:

Statistic Details
Power 372 254
Attack 156 424
Armor Piercing 4331
Shield Piercing 4950
Critical Chance 10 percent
Critical Damage 150 percent
Defense 161 905
Armor 4950
Shield Deflection 23 100
Dodge 4 331
Health 53 925
Shield Health 63 730
Hull Health 44 120

And the table below lists the weapon statistics:

Statistic Details
Accuracy 34 650
Penetration 4 331
Modulation 4 950
Minimum Damage 23 616
Maximum Damage 28 864
Critical Chancel 10 percent
Critical Damage 150 percent

Cube Heavy Hitter – SLB

The Cube Heavy Hitter – SLB event began on Friday, 12 January 2024 and it concluded on Saturday, 13 January 2024. During this event, gamers had to deal critical damage to specific hostiles in order to earn points.

That being said, the number of points that you earned was determined by the type of hostile you destroyed. The following table lists the number of points you would have earned for vanquishing specific enemies:

Enemy Points
Actian hostiles 1 point
Eclipse hostiles 17 points
Borg hostiles 10 points
Swarm hostiles 30 points
FKR hostiles 600 points
Dominion and Cardassian hostiles 600 points
Lost and Hirogen hostiles 600 points
Freebooters and Ex-borg Hostiles 600 points
Torvath hostiles 600 points
Texas-class hostiles 5 points

Where to find Torvath hostiles

Although the Torvath mission arc and the Cube Heavy Hitter – SLB event has been removed from STFC, commanders can still defeat the Torvath hostiles to collect their loot. As previously mentioned, the Torvath can only be found in specific systems.

You therefore have to travel to the level 30 system, Gorvagh, to find the Torvath. In order to reach this system, you need a warp level of 24.

If your warp range is below 24, you can assign specific officers to your vessel to increase its warp range. Alternatively, you can increase your level to increase your warp range.

To find this system, you can use the map’s search bar, or you can search for the system manually by scrolling through the galaxy.

Torvath’s loot

Similarly to other hostiles in STFC, you can collect the Torvath’s loot after defeating them. For every Torvath that you vanquish, you will receive between 285 and 386 Tritanium, which is one of the main resources in the game.

Tritanium can be used to build ship hulls and bulkheads. When compared to Parsteel, Tritanium is significantly more difficult to acquire, and commanders will generally start feeling the lack of the resource during the mid-game phase.

Fortunately, there are various ways that you can procure Tritanium. In addition to defeating Torvath, you can mine Tritanium from various systems, but keep in mind that you may be attacked by another player or hostile while you are mining resources.

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