STFC: Titan Buff

In STFC, the USS Titan-A provides an increase to critical damage and overall damage to your ships and alliance members’ ships in the same system.

Gamers can put their tactical abilities to the test in this exhilarating video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

Since the game follows the Kelvin chronology of the classic Star Trek series, you will encounter the ships and characters in the game that were in the series.

Scopely, the game’s developer, recently released the patch notes for update M53, which introduces the new USS Titan-A ship. Now players are curious to know what the ship’s buff is.

How to use your ships in STFC

Ships are not only your primary way to explore the galaxy, but they also allow you to participate in combat.

You need ships to harvest resources, vanquish enemies, and attack other players. Although you need to remember the triangle of battle shown below:

STFC: Titan Buff
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Battleships will always have an advantage over Explorers, which have an advantage over Interceptors. Moreover, Interceptors have an advantage over Battleships.

It is imperative that you do not harvest resources with these ships. Instead, you should mine resource nodes with Survey Ships. However, your ship may be attacked by an enemy while you are harvesting resources.

STFC: Titan Buff

Update M53 introduced several new features to STFC, including new officers, new missions, and a new ship. The USS Titan-A is a Neo-Constitution class ship and its design is inspired by older Constitution Class vessels.

The USS Titan-A is equipped with cutting-edge propulsion technology, and its overpowered impulse engine means that this ship has the largest sub-light power-to-geometry ratio in Starfleet.

This is the first ship that has 2 active abilities:

Ability Effect
Fortification Fortification applies a fortified state to all your ships and to some alliance members’ ships in the same system as the USS Titan-A. During the fortified state, the ships gains a 25 percent increase in critical damage. The state also activates some of the Titan’s research buffs based on what the receiving player has unlocked.
Maxed Fortification Applies a maxed fortified state to all your ships and some alliance members’ ships in the same system. In this state, ships gain a 25 percent increase in critical damage and a 250 percent increase in damage. The state also activates some of the Titan’s research buffs based on what the receiving player has unlocked.

The states are applied to all ships which belong to the activating player in the system. However, the number of alliance ships is determined by the tier of the USS Titan-A that is applying to the state.

Alliance ships are selected based on their attack statistics. The ships with the highest attack stat will gain the state first.

If an Alliance ship is already in a state, it will not receive the buff. If one of your own ships is already in one of the states, the duration is refreshed.

How to collect the USS Titan-A

In order to build the ship, you need blueprints. However, only players with a shipyard level of 37 can build the ship. Furthermore, you need to prove to the Ex-Borg faction that you are loyal to the cause.

If you have the Tolerated level in the Ex-Borg Faction, and your shipyard is level 37, you will find a bundle in STFC that contains USS Titan-A blueprints.

Once you have collected enough blueprints, you can construct the ship. After building your USS Titan-A, you need to collect parts if you want to upgrade it.

Why should you build the USS Titan-A?

The USS Titan-A is the first ship that provides 2 active abilities to enhance the performance of your alliance members’ ships.

It increases a ship’s combat statistics for several activities, including Armadas, Territory Capture, hunting hostiles, and player-versus-player.

Moreover the USS Titan-A allows you to counter a Mantis’ Venomous Puncture ability and to earn Rare and Uncommon fleet commander skill points by completing its daily quests.

We therefore recommend that all STFC players who meet the necessary requirements build the USS Titan-A as it is An incredibly unique ship.

Research Tree

It is crucial that you research aspects in the USS Titan-A’s research tree. Although increasing the ship’s tier will provide you with a reduced cooldown and increased duration for the active abilities, the research nodes will further enhance those abilities and unlock new effects.

In order to unlock the ship’s research nodes, you need to acquire Veridium Isotope by completing the active abilities daily goals. Moreover, you can find additional Veridium Isotope in the “Offers” tab.

Keep in mind that the unlocked research nodes only apply to your ships and not to alliance members’ ships.

STFC: Titan Buff
© Scopely

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