STFC: The Cube Part 1

The Cube mission chain in STFC introduces the new Borg Cube vessel and even if it consists of several parts, you have to begin with part 1.

As the Commander of a starbase on the edge of civilized space in Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC), you have to complete space-based missions, recruit legendary characters and explore where no one has been before.

The Cube Part 1

Make it So – Part 1 was released on Tuesday, 7 November 2023 and it announced that for the first time ever, Commanders level 28 and higher can add the Borg Cube vessel to their fleet.

To introduce the vessel to the game, players can advance through 5 new missions which are part of The Cube mission chain.

You can allegedly accept The Cube Part 1 in your Holodeck. After starting the quest, you will be part of a conversation between Phara Maia, who will task you with meeting with the Ex-Borg.

Maia will then reveal that the Ex-Borgs are engaging the hostile ships and that you should assist them.

Commanders then have to vanquish the hostile vessel before watching a discussion between Elijah, Phara, Rosalyn, Talut and Maia.

Phara will then give you the task to examine the Borg Cube before, after which you have to donate 450 000 Tritanium to get the vessel up and running.

Phara will tell you that you will be the first to know if they manage to repair the Cube, but until then, you can return to your station.

STFC: The Cube Part 1
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When you have completed all the objectives for The Cube Part 1, you will be rewarded generously.

Players will receive a Borg Cube Blueprint Part, as well as 67 000 Dilithium and a 12-hour Speed Up, which can be used to reduce the timer of construction, repairs or upgrades.

Keep in mind that you will also gain access to The Cube Part 2 mission, which also features unique objectives that you have to complete to earn rewards.

The Cube

After completing the first part of The Cube mission chain, you have to complete 4 additional quests to complete the entire mission chain.

The following table lists the objectives you have to complete for each part:

The Cube mission part Objectives
  • Check the alarm
  • Vanquish the Romulan Explorer
  • Follow the Romulans
  • Destroy the Romulan vessel
  • Return to the Ex-Borg base
  • Check the sensor data
  • Investigate the distress signal
  • Kill the vessel
  • Scan the system
  • Follow the Transwarp signal
  • Hail the Romulans
  • Escape the Borg Cube
  • Construct a Borg Cube
  • Return to the Ex-Borg base
  • Donate Dilithium
  • Set a course for Rator
  • Disable the Bog Cube’s engines
  • Upload the virus
  • Vanquish 15 hostiles of level 28 or higher
  • Destroy Vanquish the Borg Cube
  • Beam the Ex-Bog onto the Cube
  • Return to the Ex-Borg base

Borg Cube Blueprints

For every part of The Cube mission chain that you complete, you will receive Borg Cube Blueprints, which are required to construct the Borg Cube.

It is worth noting that the blueprints that you earn will not be enough to construct the vessel. STFC players can procure additional blueprints through the new update 60 Battle Pass.

You can either choose the free route to get more blueprints, or the elite pass, which will give players all the blueprints to build the Borg Cube.

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