STFC: The Craving mission

The Craving Mission in STFC contains 5 parts, however, you can only get the quests by purchasing them from the Bajoran faction store.

In this mobile game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) you can build ships, mine resource nodes, explore star systems, and complete missions.

One of the missions that you can complete The Craving, which you can only acquire from the Bajoran Faction Store.

Bajoran in STFC

The Bajoran culture is one of the oldest cultures in the Alpha Quadrant. They are a deeply spiritual society of thinkers, scientists, and artists. The once peaceful community was forced to take arms when their world was occupied by powerful Cardassians.

Aided by their faith in the Prophets of the Celestial Temple, which is a mysterious wormhole in Bajoran space, the Bajorans are ready to fight to prevent others  from suffering as they have.

It is noteworthy that this faction is positive-only, which means that it is impossible to lose reputation because of your actions.

STFC: The Craving mission

In order to unlock the Bajoran faction, players have to be operations level 35 and complete the One Man’s Villain Part 5 quest. However, you can also complete the Doctor Tailor Soldier Spy Part 5 quest to become part of the faction.

If you are a member of the faction, you can gain Reputation by purchasing the daily Reputation chest.

Once your reputation is good enough, you can unlock the Faction Store, which allows you to purchase missions, refits, Alliance Starbase Materials, and Deep Space 9 Officer Gacha, among other things.

One of the quest chains that you can purchase from the Bajoran Faction store is The Craving, which has 5 parts.


The steps that you have to take to complete each part of The Craving mission in STFC are:

Quest Steps
The Craving Part 1
  1. Respond to a quest for a rendezvous with Major Kira Nerys
  2. Head to Quark’s to meet with Kira
  3. Beam Kira board to assist her in investigating Jem’Hadar’s attacks
  4. Travel to the Bajoran moon, Derna, which is the site of the last attack
  5. Defeat Jem’Hadar’s ship
The Craving Part 2
  1. Follow an intercepted distress call from Cardassia IV
  2. Talk to a Cardassian survivor of a Jem’Hadar attack
  3. Defeat a Cardassian ship
  4. Follow a rapport of trouble in a criminal neighbourhood on Bajor VI
The Craving Part 3
  1. Travel to the frozen world of Bajor XII
  2. Investigate the abandoned compound
  3. Answer a distress call
  4. Defeat Jem’Hadar Ship
  5. Return to Deep Space 9
The Craving Part 4
  1. Kira discovers the mastermind
  2. Confront the one known in the underworld as the Chemist
  3. Defeat Jem’Hadar ship
  4. Pursue Niran’s ship
  5. Defeat Jem’Hadar ship
The Craving Part 5
  1. Follow Niran’s energy
  2. Defeat Jem’Hadar ship
  3. Defeat crime gang ship
  4. Bean down to Niran’s base
  5. Destroy the K-White facility
  6. Take Niran to Deep Space 9

Rewards for completing The Craving

It is worth noting that you will get rewards for each part of The Craving. The  table below lists the rewards that you will receive for each part:

Quest Rewards
The Craving Part 1
  • 9 million Parsteel
  • 1.1 million Dilithium
  • 1000 ship experience points
The Craving Part 2
  • 13 million Parsteel
  • 1.25 Dilithium
  • 65 000 officer experience points
The Craving Part 3
  • 10 million Parsteel
  • 1 million Dilithium
  • 600 Latinum
The Craving Part 4
  • 11 million Parsteel
  • 1.25 Tritanium
  • 10 3-star Common Refined Ores
The Craving Part 5

How to increase your Bajoran reputation

As previously stated, you can get Bajoran Reputation by purchasing the daily Reputation chest, but you need specific currencies to purchase the chest.

The primary currencies for the Bajoran store are the Bajoran Faction Credits and the Bajoran Faction Tokens. You can get the currencies by defeating Jem’Hadar hostiles or Solo Armadas in the Dominion Space.

You have to exchange the loot that you got from killing the enemies for credits, which can be used to purchase the daily Reputation chests.

Do you have to complete The Craving quests in sequence?

Once you can purchase The Craving quests, you will notice that you can only purchase the first part of the quest chain. This is because The Craving quests need to be completed in sequence. You thus cannot complete the quests in a random order.

This is because the questline’s lore is constructed in a specific manner, and if you complete the quests in a random order, the story will not make sense.

To prevent STFC players from completing the The Craving quests randomly, the part that you complete unlocks the following quest.

In other words, if you complete the first part, the second part is unlocked. This principle applies to the entire questline.

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