STFC: Texas-class hostiles

When you directly attack a Texas-class hostile in STFC, your peace shield will be removed and therefore, the ideal approach requires strategic decision-making

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) invites players to build a powerful fleet, complete space-based missions, recruit officers and explore a vast galaxy.

As you progress in the game, you will encounter enemies. One of the hostiles you can find is Texas-class, which can only be found in specific systems.

STFC: Texas-class hostiles

The Lower Decks II Part 1 update was released on Tuesday, 5 September 2023 and it introduced various new features to the game.

Players can now complete 10 Core Lower Deck missions, construct a new ship and test their fleet’s abilities against the new Texas-class hostiles.

To find these enemies, you have to unlock the Monaveen, which is available to players level 40 and higher. Thereafter, you can travel to the new Texas-class systems next to Federation Space.

Players can use the Monaveen to defeat the Texas-class hostiles, but you may encounter varying levels of this enemy type.

The lowest level of Texas-class hostiles feature the lowest statistics and therefore, we recommend that you fight them first.

As you become more comfortable vanquishing the new enemy type, you can attempt to destroy higher-level Texas-class hostiles.

Commanders should remember that the enemy’s statistics increase with their level, which makes the higher-level Texas-class hostiles more difficult to defeat.

STFC: Texas-class ships
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You will earn various items for your efforts if you defeat the Texas-class hostiles,. Some of these items can be exchanged in the Monaveen’s refinery for Queen’s Favors, Shipyard Directives and Monaveen-related items.

Players can use the directives to challenge the new Solo Armadas, Automated Shipyards. If you successfully defeat these enemies, you will earn Shipyard Credits, which you can trade for a bounty of resources or materials in the Refinery.

Texas-class hostile battle

STFC commanders should note that attacking a Texas-class hostile directly will force you to lower your peace shield. You will receive a notification similar to the one seen when engaging in PvP when you attack a Texas-class hostile.

That being said, revenge hostiles spawn when you are in Texas-class systems and having one target your vessel will not drop your shield. The ideal approach requires strategic decision-making.

You have to decide whether you want to attack the Texas-class hostile directly and lower your shield, or have revenge hostiles target the Texas-class enemy and keep your shield activated.

Texas-class hostile systems

You can only encounter Texas-class hostiles in specific systems. We therefore recommend that you travel to the following systems if you are looking for them:

Texas-class level Systems
  • Maelruan (40)
  • Nonsuch (40)
  • Tunicci (42)
  • Abriluni (44)
  • Hornebolte (46)
  • Brawowe (46)
  • Stetson (48)
  • Elt-97 (51)
  • Mazai (53)
  • Biscotti (55)
  • Rgiocomo (58)
  • Medici (60)
STFC: Texas-class hostiles
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