STFC: Territory Schedule

Since there is no fixed schedule for STFC’s Territory Capture, you can view a zone’s takeover time by clicking on its Embassy

The second season of Star Trek Fleet Command’s Territory Capture began on Tuesday, 23 January 2024, however, Scopely made some changes to this exciting game mode. Regardless of the changes, the principle of the mode remains the same.

Alliances therefore have to capture Territories in the Origin Sector to earn Services, which can provide the entire Alliance with various buffs and bonuses.

Every zone has a scheduled takeover time during which your Alliance can sign up to join that zone’s takeover and score points.

Several Commanders and Alliances want to know what the Territory Schedule is to ensure that they do not miss out on a zone takeover. Unfortunately, every zone in the Origin Sector of the map has a unique scheduled takeover time.

Alliances can view the preset takeover schedule for every zone by clicking on that zone’s Embassy. Every zone will have a scheduled takeover once every week while the Territory Capture season is active.

Unfortunately, there is no set schedule for when each zone’s takeover time begins as the times may change weekly.

We therefore recommend that your Alliance check each zone’s embassy to determine when its zone takeover time begins. Commanders can make a note of the takeover time and register to partake in the battle.

When a zone’s takeover time is active, you have to battle other Alliances and Commanders to score points. The Alliance with the most points at the end of the zone’s takeover time will be the owners of that zone.

Ownership benefit

Once your Alliance has ownership of a zone, everyone will get a variety of benefits, which are listed below:

Benefit Description
Services Capturing a territory gives the controlling Alliance access to purchase Services related to that zone. Services offer players buffs, however, only the Alliance Admiral or Commodores can activate them. It is worth noting that higher tier zones have more valuable services than lower tier zones.
Mining Only players of the owning Alliance can mine in the Origin Sector systems. However, other Commanders can still attack your vessel . The winning ship can steal any unprotected cargo from the mining ship, but it will not be able to dock on the mine.
Housing If your Alliance owns a zone, you will be able to relocate your station to the Origin Sector.

Taking Territory

Once your Alliance has determined which Territory they want to capture, you may have to join the fight to help your Alliance own the Territory.

Players should note that an Alliance can only join a takeover for a territory adjacent to one of their own and that is connected by a warp path. Furthermore, the Territory should not have more than one more diamond than the Alliance already has.

To own a Territory, your Alliance has to score more points than other Alliances. You score points by having ships in that Territory.

This essentially means that for every minute your ship is in the system, you will gain 1 point. However, you can also occupy capture nodes to earn points.

The Alliance with the most points by the time the takeover time is over, will gain ownership of the Territory.

Monaveen services

As previously mentioned, Scopely introduced various changes in the second season of Territory Capture. The Monaveen Construction Yard is now a T2 service in numerous territories.

If your Alliance captures one of the Monaveen territories, your Alliance Admiral or Commodores can activate the service and you will be able to purchase Monaveen Blueprints once a week.

That being said, you can only purchase Monaveen Blueprints with Iso-Emulsion, which can be acquired by refining Isogen.

Fortunately, all Isogen mining nodes inside of territory have had their amounts increased by 2.5 times, so you can mine more Isogen than normal.

Keep in mind that for these changes to reflect, the current available nodes need to be depleted of Isogen.

T3 Services

The Territory Capture announcement from STFC also revealed that many of the T3 services have been roasted to different territories. You can find some of the rotated services below:

Territory Services
  • Shield Enhancer
  • Advanced Shield Enhancer
  • ISS Jellyfish Constructor
  • Metreon Particle Generator
  • Monaveen Construction Yard
  • Hull Enhancer
  • Advanced Hull Enhancer
  • ISS Jellyfish Constructor
  • Metreon Particle Generator
  • Chronometric Particle Generator
  • Officer Enhancer
  • Advanced Officer Enhancer
  • Monaveen Construction Yard
  • ISS Jellyfish Constructor
  • Metreon Particle Generator
  • Repair Enhancer
  • Advanced Repair Enhancer
  • ISS Jellyfish Constructor
  • Metreon Particle Generator
  • Monaveen Construction Yard

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