STFC: Territory Reset

Starting in October 2023, STFC players will be able to enjoy the first season of the Territory Capture activity, which resets every 3 months.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is a thrilling video game that allows players to build and customize a powerful fleet.

You have to recruit legendary characters and discover strange new worlds while completing space-based missions. Scopely, the game’s developer, recently announced that a territory reset will be taking place.

Alliances and Territory Capture

If you join an Alliance in STFC, you will gain access to Alliance-exclusive activities, such as the Territory Capture feature.

Territory Capture introduced a new area of space called the Origin Sector. This area of space comprises several zones which may be composed of one or more systems.

Alliances can compete with one another to earn the most points during a zone’s Takeover to own that zone and add it to their Alliance’s Territory.

As long as your Alliance owns a specific zone, all members of the Alliance will have access to that zone’s benefits.

STFC: Territory Reset

Scopely introduced the first season of Territory Capture on Tuesday, 21 September 2023. This announcement revealed that all previously-occupied systems of the Territory Capture activity are now up for grabs.

Although the exact day of the Territory Reset is yet to be announced, Scopely announced that the reset will occur in October 2023 with the release of the second Lower Decks update.

The reset essentially means that any territory which is owned by an alliance will become neutral territory again and will thus be up for grabs.

Unfortunately, Alliances have to let go of all the territories they have captured in Origin space. If your Alliance wants to own a territory again, all Alliance members who meet the requirements must fight other Alliances to capture the territory again.

With the inaugural reset of Territory Capture, Commanders will see additions to the Territory Capture research tree, new services for all territories and a Territory Capture Season Pass.

Every season of the Territory Capture activity will last 3 months, which means that your Alliance will only own a territory for the duration of a season. At the beginning of every season, all territories will reset, and a new Season Pass will begin.

The Season Pass will provide players with a variety of rewards. You will receive exclusive Forbidden Tech, Chronometric Particles, Officer Shards and unique cosmetics.

Commanders can use their Chronometric Particles to unlock the new research nodes in the Territory Capture Research Tree.

STFC: Territory Reset
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How to unlock Territory Capture

Commanders may not meet the specific requirements to partake in the Territory Capture activity, even if they are part of an Alliance.

In order to unlock and travel to the Origin Sector, you must be at least level 15. Furthermore, your ship needs to have a warp range of 20 or higher.

If you meet these requirements, you can claim the “Unlocking the Origin Sector” bundle in the gifts section. Players can also complete the Origin Sector missions, as they serve as a guide for the Territory Capture sector.

When you have reached the Origin Sector, you will be able to participate in Takeovers started by your Alliance.

Territory Capture Research Tree

As previously explained, there are several new additions to the Territory Capture Research Tree that players can unlock.

It is noteworthy, though, that to unlock the new nodes, you have to procure Chronometric Particles, which are part of the new Territory Season Pass rewards.

The extension to the Territory Capture research tree will provide you with powerful buffs. You will receive enhancements to mining speed and cargo and an increase in Hull health points and Shield health points.

Furthermore, Commanders will get an increase in Isolytic Damage and Defense for FKR ships.

Frequently asked questions

Since the announcement of Territory Capture, several STFC players have expressed their questions about the new feature. The table below lists some of the common questions about the Territory Capture:

Question Answer
Are the locations and services for territories changing with the reset? For season 1, the services and locations of territory will remain unchanged, however, Scopely has added a few new services to existing territories.
How long does the Season Pass last? STFC players should remember that the season pass lasts 3 months. The milestones, rewards and events can be earned over the course of 3 months.
Are there G5 mining nodes in Territory Space? Players can find G5 mining nodes in T3 Territories.
Are the rules for Territory Capture changing? The rules for Territory Capture will not change. But if there are some rules that you want to be changed, you can share your ideas with Scopely.

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