STFC: Territory Map

STFC’s Territory Map did not get a lot of changes after the Territory Reset update, however, players can now benefit from additional services.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is an exciting video game which follows the Kelvin chronology of the classic series, Star Trek.

The game’s developer, Scopely, regularly updates the game to ensure that Commanders have the most seamless gaming experience.

Territory Map

Scopely recently announced the first season of the Territory Capture activity. This announcement also revealed that all previously-occupied systems of the Territory Capture feature are now up for grabs.

This means that any territory which is owned by an alliance will become natural territory and can be controlled by other alliances.

The Territory Reset was released as part of the Lower Decks II Part 2 update on Tuesday, 3 October 2023.

Since the territory map has been reset, several Commanders are curious about how the map varies and appears after the update.

Players should note that there are no level restrictions around PvP ship combat in the Territory Map.

Furthermore, all systems in this activity follow Deep Space visibility rules and Alliances still have to battle one another to capture a specific territory.

However, every zone on the map has a scheduled takeover time during which Alliances may sign up to join that zone’s takeover and score points. The Alliance that scores the most points in the takeover will be the owners of that zone.

The Territory Reset announcement revealed that you can benefit from new services by becoming the owner of a zone.

Furthermore, Commanders can enjoy an expansion to the Territory Capture research tree and a new Territory Capture season pass.


Every system in the Territory Map can provide your Alliance with rich services and therefore, your Alliance has to strategically decide which system they want to capture.

Some of  the systems and the services that you can find on the Territory Map are outlined below:

System Service Description
Abilakk Defense 80 percent increase in base Shield Deflection, Arnor and Dodge to all ships
Brijac Protected Cargo 50 percent increase in base Protected Cargo for all ships
Comst Accuracy All ships will receive a 40 percent increase in their base Accuracy
Roshar Research Speed Players will receive a 75 percent increase in Research Speed
Thaylen Kinetic Weapons Enhancer Increases Kinetic Weapons damage by up to 150 percent for all ships
Vantar Officer Attack In this system, your officers will receive a 40 percent base Attack increase


As previously explained, your Alliance has to decide which zone they want to capture a territory in.

When the zone has been determined, your Alliance will only have a certain time to fight other players to gain control of a zone.

The table below lists some of the zones that you can capture:

Name Systems Day Time
Helvi 2 Sunday 13:00 PST
Roshar 2 Monday 14:00 PST
Lenara 2 Wednesday 18:00 PST
Tezera 2 Thursday 16: 00 PST
Beku 2 Friday 15:00 PST
Tholus 3 Saturday 17:00 PST

Players should remember that every zone has unique materials and resources which can be mined once your Alliance has taken control of the territory.

Ownership Benefits

After your Alliance has decided which system you want to capture, you need to fight other players to score the most points in order to get control of the zone. When your Alliance is in control of a zone, you will receive various bonuses.

All Alliance members will receive owner exclusive housing, which means that you can relocate your station to the Origin sector.

You will also benefit from owner-exclusive mining, which enables you to mine a range of resources which can be found within the zone.

Keep in mind that other players can still attack mining ships. The winning ship can steal unprotected cargo from the mining ship, but they will not be able to dock on the mine after destroying the ship.

Which zone should you capture?

STFC players should note that it is up to the entire Alliance to decide which zone they want to capture on the Territory Map. However, it is ultimately the players with high ranks in the Alliance who have the final say.

Before trying to capture a zone, your Alliance should consider many factors, including the size of the zone, the services provided, the size of Alliance as well as the capabilities of the Alliance members.

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