STFC: Territory Changes

Scopely recently announced that they are making several changes to STFC’s Territory Capture activity, which will reset in October 2023.

Gamers can put their tactical abilities to the test in this thrilling video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC). The game’s developer, Scopely, regularly updates the game to release new content and to resolve bugs.

A recent update revealed that several changes have been made with regards to territory.

Territory Capture

Scopely regularly releases new content for STFC players to enjoy. One of the recent activities is Territory Capture, which introduced a new area of space called the Origin Sector.

This area contains several zones that may be composed of one or more systems.

Commanders must compete with other Alliances to earn the most points during a zone’s Takeover to own that zone and add it to your Alliance’s Territory.

As long as your Alliance owns the zone, all its Alliance members will have access to the benefits associated with that zone.

STFC: Territory Changes
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STFC: Territory Changes

On Tuesday, 19 September 2023, Scopely introduced the first season for the Territory Capture. The developer plans to reinvigorate Territory Capture with a new season every 3 months, along with additional rewards and benefits.

Since it is the first season of Territory Capture, Scopely will gather feedback throughout the season and hear from players what they can change for season 2 and beyond.

The official description for season 1 reveals that Chroniton Radiation has flooded the Alpha Quadrant.

Temporal anomalies have been spotted at a high frequency inside all Territory Capture systems and Starfleet is ordering evacuation from the sector.

This has forever changed the galaxy and all previously occupied systems are now up for grabs.

This essentially means that all Territories in the Origin Sector will reset with the continuation of the second Lower Decks update.

Although Scopely has yet to announce the exact date that the Territories will reset, it has been speculated that it will reset in October 2023.

Players should note that any territory which an Alliance owns will become neutral territory again and will be up for grabs.

With the reset of Territory Capture, you will see additions to the Territory Capture research tree, new services for all territories as well as a Territory Capture Season Pass.

Territory Season Pass

As previously mentioned, every season of Territory Capture will last 3 months and at the start of each season, all territories will be reset. This also means that a new Season Pass will start at the beginning of a new season.

The Territory Season Pass will provide Commanders with a range of rewards. By participating in the Season Pass, you will receive Exclusive Forbidden Tech, Chronometric Particles, Officer Shards as well as unique cosmetics.

The Chronometric Particles is a new material that gamers can procure, and they can use it to unlock the new Territory Capture research nodes in the Research Tree.

Players should remember that the new pass can be found in the Expeditions menu alongside the monthly battle pass. Both passes will contain free and premium rewards that players can earn.

Territory Capture Research Tree

When the Territory Capture resets, players will encounter new research nodes in the Territory Research Tree. The extension to the Territory Capture research tree will provide Commanders with various buffs.

If you unlock the new research nodes, you will receive enhancements to mining speed and cargo, as well as additional hull health points.

Players will also benefit from additional shield health points and increased Isolytic Damage and defense for FKR vessels.


Commanders should note that Services will also be updated over the next few seasons, however, season 1 will only have new services for some territories.

This means that there is a possibility that your Alliance will not receive any services after capturing a territory once the Territory Reset has taken place.

We therefore recommend that Alliances carefully consider which territory they want to capture instead of fighting another Alliance over a random territory. If you capture the correct territory, you will earn various services.

STFC players will receive Monaveen ship blueprints, which will help them construct the Monaveen.

Additionally, you will receive an increase in your baseline Isolytic Damage, increased quantities of Chronometric Particles as well as FKR Reputation gain enhancements.

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