STFC: Territory Capture

Territory Capture is an exciting activity that STFC’s Alliances can enjoy, however, many changes have been made to it recently.

You can encounter legendary Star Trek characters, locations, storylines, hostiles and locations in this adventurous video game.

To ensure that gamers have the best gaming experience, the game’s developer, Scopely, regularly introduces new features and activities to the game, one of which is Territory Capture.

Alliances in STFC

Although players can advance in STFC without ever joining an Alliance, you will get access to Alliance-exclusive activities by being in an active group.

To join an Alliance, you have to select the Alliance menu, which is on the home screen of STFC.

In this menu, you will find a list of all the Alliances in your server. Some Alliances have specific requirements that you have to meet before you can apply to become part of that Alliance.

When you have found an Alliance, you can apply to be part of the group. Alliance officers or leaders will either decline or accept your application.

STFC: Territory Capture

One of the activities that you will unlock when you join an Alliance is Territory Capture, however, you have to meet certain requirements to participate in the activity.

The Territory Capture zones are unlocked through a simple chest in your Gifts action.

In order to unlock and travel to the Origin Sector where the Territory Capture activity takes place, you have to be at least level 15.

Furthermore, you need to have ships with a warp range of 20 or higher. If you meet these requirements, you can compete with other Alliances to earn the most points during a zone’s Takeover in order to own that zone.

If your Alliance wins the battle, they will add the zone to the Alliance’s Territory. For as long as your Alliance owns the zone, all members of your Alliance will have access to the benefits associated with that zone.

Commanders should note that there are no level restrictions around PvP ship combat in the Origin Sector. This means that you may encounter enemy players whose levels are much higher, or much lower, than your current level.

All systems in the Origin Sector follow the Deep Space visibility rules. Deep space systems are marked by a unique icon which will appear on your galaxy maps.

You will not be able to view into deep space systems if you do not have a ship or station present.

To relocate your station into a deep space system, you may have 1 ship out in the space of the target system that you want to move to.

Ownership benefits

After your Alliance captures a Territory, all Alliance members will receive benefits, some of which are listed below:

Benefit Description
Owner Exclusive Housing Only members of the owning Alliance can relocate their stations to the Origin Sector
Services Capturing a Territory gives the controlling Alliance exclusive access to purchase services related to that zone. Services offer buffs granted to all Alliance members, but they can only be activated by the Alliance Admiral or Commodores.
Owner Exclusive Mining Only members of the owning Alliance can mine in the Origin Sector systems. Keep in mind that mining ships can still be attacked by other players.

Alliance Resources

Alliances who are interested in Territory Capture should note that the activity requires resources which can be harvested by all Alliance members. These resources will automatically be transferred to the Alliance’s inventory.

Alliance Admirals and Commodores can use the Alliance resources to join Takeovers and activate Services.

Players should remember that Alliance resources belong to the Alliance and therefore, the resources will remain in the Alliance inventory, even if the player who harvested them leaves the Alliance.

STFC: Territory Capture
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Territory Capture reset

Scopely, the game’s developer, recently announced that it has made several adjustments to the Territory Capture activity. The activity will now have various seasons and the first season will commence in October 2023

Commanders should note that any territory which an Alliance owns will become neutral territory again and will be up for grabs.

With the reset of Territory Capture, STFC players will see additions to the Territory Capture research tree, new services for all territories and a Territory Capture Season Pass.

Unfortunately, this means that the territory your Alliance has captured will be lost and you will have to fight other players again to capture another territory.

Since every season lasts 3 months, your Alliance will only own that territory for 3 months. Your Alliance will then have to battle other players again to capture territory.

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