STFC: Temporal Cartography Mission

Commanders can complete 5 unique missions in STFC’s new mission chain, Temporal Cartography, which can be found in the Holodeck

Update 59, which is also referred to as Lower Deck II Part 2 of Star Trek Fleet Command (TFC) was released on Tuesday, 3 October 2023.

This update revealed that the Sulliban and the Corvallen have conspired in secret to form an alliance of their own to destabilize the existing alliances in the Origin Sector.

Temporal Cartography Mission

This update not only introduced G5 Armadas, the new Territory Capture Season and new Forbidden Tech, but it also introduced a variety of space-based missions.

STFC players can now complete the Temporal Cartography Missions, which consists of 5 parts.

To begin this new mission chain, you have to accept Temporal Cartography Part 1 in your Holodeck. Keep in mind, however, that this mission may have some requirements that must be met before you can accept it.

Part 1 requires that players investigate the newly detected Progenitor ruin before defeating 12 hostiles of level 19 or higher. After fleeing from the Origin Sector, you have to defeat the pursuer to complete the mission.

Part 2 will automatically unlock after part 1 is completed and it requires that players make contact with the Tholian Assembly.

You then have to aid the Trill in suppressing the rebellion before taking part in a battle. After helping the symbiont, you have to return to the Tholian Assembly to complete the quest.

Temporal Cartography Part 3 requires that players travel to New Dozaria and defeat 12 hostiles level 19 and higher.

To complete this quest, you have to provide intel on the attacker’s identity to the Breen.

Part 4 of the mission chain requires that you trade Dilithium for the cache of Isogen, but you have to defeat 15 hostiles level 19 or higher to complete this quest.

The final part of the Temporal Cartography mission chain tasks you with going to Levesque, where you have to meet with the Corvallen and Sulliban forces. To complete this mission, you have to decide who will control the Ruin.

STFC: Temporal Cartography Mission
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Commanders will receive a range of rewards for every Temporal Cartography Mission part that they complete. The rewards that you will receive for completing the missions are:

Temporal Cartography Part Rewards
  • 70 000 Officer Experience Points
  • 180 000 Parsteel
  • 4 1-hour Repair Speed Up
  • 3 800 Ship Experience Points
  • 22 3-Star Explorer Parts
  • 166 000 Parsteel
  • 4 x 1 million Tritanium Tokens
  • Rewards for this mission are determined by who controls the ruin

Temporal Cartography Part 5

As previously explained, you have to select who will control the ruin in part 5 of the Temporal Cartography mission chain.

There are 3 possible options, but the option you choose determines the tasks that you have to complete and the rewards you will receive.

The following table lists the options that you can choose from:

Option Tasks Rewards
  • Defeat General Darig
  • Defeat Niir Tazak
  • Return to your Station and seal the Origin Sector
  • 800 Premium Recruit Tokens
  • 100 3-star Battleship Parts
The Suliban
  • Defeat 12 enemies of level 19 or higher
  • Defeat Niir Tazak
  • Return to your Station and seal the Origin Sector
  • 800 Premium Recruit Tokens
  • 100 3-star Interceptor Parts
The Corvallen
  • Defeat 12 hostiles of level 19 or higher
  • Vanquish General Darig
  • Commanders should then return to their Station and seal the Origin Sector
  • 800 Premium Recruit Tokens
  • 100 3-star Explorer Parts

Unable to find Temporal Cartography missions

Players who meet certain requirements can accept the Temporal Cartography missions in the Holodeck.

However, several Commanders have mentioned on the official STFC Discord channel that they cannot accept the new missions as they are not mentioned in the Holodeck mission list.

This is because the Temporal Cartography missions will only be implemented in STFC after the update is complete.

We recommend that you ensure you have the latest version of STFC installed to be able to accept the Temporal Cartography mission in your Holodeck.

According to STFC Discord Moderator, Cand1E, all the Temporal Cartography missions will be available in the Holodeck from Thursday, 5 October 2023.

Temporal Cartography mission requirements

Unfortunately, the requirements that must be met to complete the Temporal Cartography missions are unknown.

This is because the missions will only be implemented in STFC once the update is complete.

Once the update is complete, you can check the Holodeck mission list to see if you can accept the first part of Temporal Cartography.

That being said, you have to vanquish level 19 or higher enemies, which means that you have to be at least level 19 to vanquish the hostiles.

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