STFC: Technological Distinctiveness

STFC Commanders can destroy enemies with the new Borg Cube vessel to acquire Technological Distinctiveness, which can be refined to upgrade the ship.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is an adventurous video game that invites players to explore Star Trek systems, build ships, mine resources, complete missions and defeat enemies.

Keep in mind that when you start playing the game, you will only have 1 ship and a space station.

Technological Distinctiveness

On Tuesday, 7 November 2023, Scopely released update 60, which announced that players level 28 and higher can add the Borg Cube to their fleet.

This ship has a very unique ability called Cutting Beam, which allows gamers to select the ship that they wish to fire upon from anywhere in the same system.

When you successfully defeat a hostile using the Cutting Beam, you will receive a new resource, Technological Distinctiveness.

You can refine this unique resource to acquire Shape Memory Alloy, which is essentially Borg Ship Parts, as well as Advanced Cybernetics, which is Research Dust.

Commanders can use the Shape Memory Alloy and Borg Ship Parts to upgrade the Borg Cube.

It can therefore be said that the more PvE targets you destroy, the more Technological Distinctiveness you will get, which allows you to upgrade your ship.

We therefore recommend that you use the ship’s active ability as much as possible to ensure that you receive the most Technological Distinctiveness.

Borg Cutting Beam

Players have to charge the Beam before they can select a ship that they wish to fire upon from anywhere in the same system.

Keep in mind though that you cannot use this ability against Player Stations, Alliance Starbases and Armada Targets.

The more damage you deal to an enemy’s ships, the faster the Beam will charge, but this will depends on the HHP damage dealt in regular combat.

This ability is unlike any other ability in STFC as it bypasses all defenses and does direct hull damage.

Upgrading the Borg

As previously explained, you need to refine Technological Distinctiveness into Shape Memory Alloy, which is one of the resources that you can use to upgrade your Borg.

In addition to the Shape Memory Alloy, you need to procure various resources to complete the upgrade.

To upgrade the Borg to tier 18, you need several quantities of the following resources:

  • Tritanium
  • Dilithium
  • Battleship Parts
  • Common Battleship Parts
  • Uncommon Battleship Parts
  • Rare Battleship Parts
  • Common Refined Ore
  • Uncommon Refined Ore
  • Common Refined Crystals
  • Uncommon Refined Crystals
  • Rare Refined Crystals
  • Shape Memory Alloy
  • Borg Data Nodes

How to build the Borg Cube

Before you can use the Technological Distinctiveness, you have to build the Borg Cube. STFC players can procure the necessary blueprints through the new Battle Pass.

If you purchase the Elite path of the new Battle Pass, you will get all the blueprints to build the Borg Cube.

However, if you choose the free path, you will not obtain enough blueprints to build the vessel. To acquire additional blueprints, you have to complete The Cube mission chain.

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