STFC: Swarm Systems

One of the enemies that you can encounter in STFC is the Swarm, however, they can only be found in specific systems.

Star Trek Fleet Command invites players to build and customize a powerful fleet, recruit legendary characters, explore strange new worlds and seek out new life and civilizations.

To advance in the game, you have to complete space-based missions and destroy hostiles.

Swarm Systems

There are different enemies in STFC, one of which is the Swarm. According to Star Trek Lore, the Swarm species was an unidentified territorial and hostile species which controlled a vast region of space in the Delta Quadrant.

They essentially overwhelmed any trespasser’s ship with a swarm of small ships.

STFC players can now test their crew’s capabilities by defeating the Swarm, which can only be found in specific systems. Keep in mind that you need to be at least level 15 to begin the missions to battle the Swarm.

The higher your ship’s tier is, the more upgrades you can add, which means – the more fearsome the foes that you can fight.

The Swarm systems can be identified by swirly imagery on the world map, which makes it easier to find a Swarm system.

Alternatively, you can use the information in the following table to discover the Swarm Systems:

Swarm System Level
Andvaris 15
Caldik 16
Altamid 17
Herias 18
Ezani 19
Beta Vordunn 20
Klaiz 22
Er’Yozun 24
Alpha Horunia 26
Ortek 28
Von 30
Fyrsta 32
Dalogn 35
Lahrel 24
Sayo 26
Redmond 28
Fontaine 30
Adelphi 32
Araxian 39
Iusum 37
Estar 37
Kiju 39
Vahok 39
Uyik 39

Which ship should you use to vanquish Swarms?

Although you can use any ship to defeat Swarms in the Swarm Systems, the USS Franklin is great at killing Swarms.

Its ship ability, Sabotage, gives it a significant damage increase when fighting swarm ships. This bonus starts off at 5000 percent and reaches a maximum of 60 000 percent when the ship reaches level 45.

Keep in mind that the level of your USS Franklin determines the level of the Swarms that you can vanquish. The  Swarm levels that you can defeat based on your Franklin’s level are:

USS Franklin’s Tier Swarm Level
1 17
2 18
3 20
4 22
5 24
6 26
7 28
8 30
9 32

Upgrading your Franklin

As seen in the table, the higher your Franklin’s tier is, the higher the level of Swarms it can destroy. To upgrade your vessel, you have to acquire Frequency Modulators. You can either farm this item, or purchase it with real money.

Players can farm the Frequency Modulators by killing Swarms and by completing your Swarm daily missions.

However, you can also participate in Alliance Events to earn Frequency Modulators. Keep in mind, however, that you need to farm many Frequency Modulators to maximize its tier.

Swarm crew

There are various crew members that you can procure in STFC, however, each character specializes in a specific activity. This essentially means that you cannot just use any crew to defeat the enemies in the Swarm Systems.

If you are using the USS Franklin, we recommend that you use Pike, Moreau and T’Laan.

However, you should assign Pike as the captain of the ship since his captain’s ability will increase the effectiveness of the officer abilities of Moreau and T’Laan.

Moreau can decrease the Swarm’s armor piercing, shield piercing and accuracy, which will influence the battle substantially.

T’Laan, on the other hand, decreases kinetic weapons’ weapon damage, which means that the Swarms will not deal as much damage as they normally would.

Alternatively, you can assign Cadet Uhura as the ship’s captain, with Cadet McCoy and T’Laan. However, you can replace McCoy with Cadet Kirk if you are yet to collect him.

Threat from Beyond

Nearly all STFC players know that every Sunday is Swarm day as the recurring event, Threat from Beyond, is active.

This event invites gamers to conquer deadly clusters which are located throughout the Galaxy and earn massive prizes to help vanquish this intergalactic threat.

If you defeat a Swarm Cluster, you will earn a point and when you have accumulated enough points, you will receive rich rewards.

You can receive Tritanium, Uncommon Refined Crystals, Uncommon Refined Ore and Uncommon Refined Gas by participating in Swarm Sunday.

However, you will receive additional rewards if you participate in the Threat from Beyond – Heroic event. This event functions similarly to the other event, but it requires that you defeat specific level Swarms.

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