STFC: Superhighway mission

There are 4 Superhighway missions you can complete in STFC, though you need to research specific nodes to gain access to the missions.

You can encounter iconic Star Trek characters, storylines, hostiles, vessels and locations in this exciting video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

As you progress in the game, you will have to travel to several systems to complete quests. To make traveling easier, you can use Superhighways, but you need to complete space-based missions to unlock them.


Normally, STFC players can open their map and view all the different systems, galaxies and areas in STFC.

However, some players have noticed that they have red, stringy lines appearing across their map which stretch from one area to another.

These red, stringy lines are called Superhighways and they allow players to travel from one point on the map to another by cutting down warp times.

Players can find multiple Superhighways on their world map, but you need to unlock them to view and use them.

STFC: Superhighway mission

There are allegedly 4 Superhighways that make traveling through STFC quicker and easier. In order to get access to the missions which unlock the Superhighways, players must complete certain research nodes.

For instance, by researching the KSG Superhighway node, you unlock a mission in the Gift Section which allows you to get access to the Klingon Science Group Superhighway.

Keep in mind that it takes approximately 643 days and 18 hours to fully research this node. Fortunately, the timer only counts in-game time and not real-life time.

After researching the 4 Superhighway nodes, you can open the “Gift” Section to accept the Superhighway missions. These missions have unique objectives that gamers have to complete to unlock the Superhighways.

STFC: Superhighway mission
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The Superhighway missions as well as their objectives are outlined below:

Mission Required warp amount Required warp for completing the mission Tasks
Baelosian Space Superhighway 1 30 After talking to Maia, you have to investigate the warp anomaly to complete the quest.
Immortal Space Superhighway 1 30 Maia will reveal that she is setting course for the Farana system where you will find a path leading to Immortal Space. You have to investigate the warp anomaly to complete the mission.
KSG Space Superhighway 1 30 Commanders have to travel to Erendari where they have to investigate the warp anomaly to unlock the Superhighway.
Origin Sector Superhighway 1 30 After a conversation with Maia, you need to travel to Erendari to investigate the warp anomaly. Once the investigation is complete,  the Superhighway will be unlocked.

Superhighway mission rewards

Although there are 4 missions that you have to complete to unlock the Superhighways, the objectives are quite similar.

Furthermore, you will receive the same reward for completing the Superhighway quests. Players will earn 800 Ultra Recruit Tokens for every Superhighway mission completed.

It can therefore be said that you will receive 3200 Ultra Recruit Tokens, which can be used to recruit Officers in the “Recruit” menu.

You can also save your Ultra Recruit Tokens for when STFC introduces a new Officer to the game.

Operations level

As seen in the table above, players only need a warp range of 30 to complete all 4 Superhighway missions. Since it is a low warp range, lower-level players believe that they can complete the missions to get access to the Superhighways.

On the official Discord server, STFC player, Divine, mentioned that you need to be at least OPS level 53 to research the Superhighways in your research tree.

Unfortunately, this means that low-level players cannot unlock the Superhighways, even if they meet the minimum warp range requirement for the missions.

Are the Superhighways worth it?

It may seem like an extremely long process to unlock the Superhighways in STFC, but it will make your traveling time much less once all 4 are unlocked.

Without using a Superhighway, your vessel may take 4 hours to reach a specific system, however,  using a Superhighway can reduce your traveling time significantly.

An STFC player recently mentioned that the Superhighways are a great addition to the game as it makes the game less tedious. Other players also felt that it is a great replacement for the jump drive.

Although the Superhighways are mainly used to travel to another system quicker, some players use it as part of a combat strategy.

When you are being attacked by another player or hostile, you can use the Superhighway to escape the battle quickly.

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