STFC: Species 8749

Several STFC players are unable to find Species 8749 as Scopely made a mistake in The Great Chase’s event description

Star Trek Fleet Command’s (STFC) developer regularly hosts in-game events for players to enjoy. One of these events was The Great Chase, which consists of several parts. To progress in this event, you had to defeat enemies to score points and earn rewards.

Species 8749

The event’s description revealed that players can score bonus points for defeating a new enemy type, Species 8749. On the official STFC Discord channel, several Commanders mentioned that they cannot find Species 8749.

STFC: Species 8749
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Discord moderator, Cand1e mentioned that Scopely made a mistake in the event description and therefore, players are unable to find Species 8749.

Allegedly, the spelling mistake has since been fixed and players can now vanquish Species 8472 to score bonus points.

Species 8472 was able to travel through the fluidic space through quantum singularities and brought their fight to the STFC dimension.

Similarly to all strongholds, these enemies have 3 targets that, if destroyed simultaneously, will cause the total destruction of the armada.

Keep in mind that these enemies can be found in selected systems of the Delta Quadrant, but you need the USS Voyager to find them. Furthermore, only Commanders level 26 and higher can participate in the attack against these enemies.

When you have found Species 8472, you need 100 Formation Armada Directives to initiate the attack. Players can acquire these Directives through Daily Goal completions and additional Directives can be purchased through the “Offers” tab in STFC.

Where to find Species 8472

There are different levels of Species 8472 that you can defeat, but keep in mind that every level of the enemy can only be found in specific systems. The systems are as follows:

Level Location
  • Diabolai
  • Wridian
  • Velixys
  • Derevio
  • Attana
  • Satar
  • Ini’tarash Rest
  • Crypsotys
  • Asil-A
  • Hyrolaw
  • Xi’taiq
  • Zevritus
  • Ebriosys
  • Perryk
  • Kunnan
  • Bartu’shakai
  • Tauriels
  • Liasoures
  • K’tje
  • Vadeli
  • Oitalka
  • Rearys
  • Sirpa
  • Illusys

USS Voyager

As previously mentioned, you need the USS Voyager to find Species 8472. Commanders level 30 and higher can procure the blueprints for the USS Voyager by destroying Hirogen Hostiles in the Delta Quadrant.

You have to collect Hirogen Relics and refine them in the Voyager Refinery. When you reach level 34 and have gathered all the blueprints, you can construct the USS Voyager.

This ship allows you to collect Isolytic Damage Artifacts as well as the ship parts of numerous vessels.

Similarly to other ships in STFC, the Voyager has an array of abilities which can help you progress in the game. The following table lists the Voyager’s abilities:

Ability Description
Astrometrics Scan This ability allows you to scan a player’s ship to locate their station.
Advanced Sensors It exposes hidden hostiles in the Delta Quadrant, including the elusive Species 8472.

How to attack Species 8472

Before initiating an attack, we recommend that you team up with other players and secure a clear communication channel. This is because communication and coordination are essential for taking down this enemy.

It is important to note that 3 teams, which can be from different Alliances, must select their top 4 Commanders to participate in the attack.

Once a team has been created, you have to coordinate with the other Commanders to ensure that the Armada’s targets are destroyed simultaneously.

Once the enemy is defeated, participating Commanders will receive Artifact and Premium Artifact tokens in their rewards.

These tokens can be used to find Artifacts in the Artifact Gallery. Artifacts are powerful items which grant various buffs to the ones who acquire them.

Team Recommendations

Although you can use any STFC team to vanquish Species 8472, this is not recommended, as some teams will perform better than others.

Fortunately, there are numerous teams that you can use to defeat Species 8472. Commanders can assign Five as captain for mitigation, Khan for crit boost and Six to give synergy to Five.

Alternatively, you can use Five as captain with Neelix and Janeway on the sides, but for this team, you can assign the Doctor below decks to increase your loot. Commanders can also assign Pike, Moreau and T’Laan to their Voyager to defeat the enemies.

If you do not have these Officers collected, you can use Five, Kang and Neelix, however, if you are yet to collect Neelix, you can assign Khan.

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