STFC: Species 5618

STFC players can find Species 5618 in the Alpha Quadrant, however, the exact systems are unknown.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is an exhilarating video game that invites gamers to explore a vast galaxy.

As you progress in the game, you will encounter various species, some of which are hostiles and some friendly. One of these species is Species 5618.

STFC: Species 5618

There are various systems and Quadrants that players can explore in STFC. While exploring the Alpha Quadrants, you may encounter Species 5618, which are Humans.

They are an unremarkable race in terms of their biological distinctiveness, as they possess below-average cranial capacity.

Furthermore, Species 5618 has minimal redundant systems and limited regenerative abilities. That being said, the species is technologically advanced.

Species 5618 is the founding race of the United Federation of Planets, which is an alliance of 150 lightyears spanning 8000 light years.

The Borg regards Species 5618 as a highly-resistant species. However, several direct attempts to understand the species have failed. The Borg are currently developing a new method to understand Species 5618 via a nanoprobe virus.

Some of STFC’s events require players to vanquish Species 5618. During a previous event, a player revealed on the official Discord channel that there are no hostiles of 5618.

That being said, there are hostiles that they may be a part of, but the hostiles that you must defeat are a collection of species, not just 5618.

Players therefore had to destroy several enemy ships, but the ship may not have a 5618 on board.

In which event must players defeat Species 5618?

It is currently impossible to know which in-game events require players to vanquish Species 5618. However, if tan in-game event is active, we recommend that you carefully read its description to determine which species you have to defeat.

Sometimes the event will not indicate which species you have to defeat as it is a trivia event, so you have to use the given clues to find out whether you have to defeat species 5618 or not.

Alpha Quadrant

According to Star Trek lore, the Alpha Quadrant was the common designation for one quarter of the Milky Way Galaxy. Gamers can use the Border of the Alpha Quadrant to enter the Delta Quadrant, which was recently added to STFC.

At the border of the Alpha Quadrant, players and forces of the region have started delving further into Deep Space and have discovered the Delta Quadrant. In this space, you will find planetary missions, new species and lost hostiles.

In which systems can you find Species 5618?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to  determine in which systems you can encounter Species 5618. However, it is known that the species is in the Alpha Quadrant.

If you need to find Species 5618, you should explore the Alpha Quadrant to find them.

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