STFC: Species 2000

During a STFC event, players have to vanquish Species 2000, however players are finding it difficult to locate the enemies.

You can encounter iconic Star Trek characters, ships and storylines in this exploratory video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

Players have to expand their fleet by building ships, harvesting resources, completing missions and vanquishing enemies. One of the enemy types that you can find in STFC is Species 2000.

Hostiles in STFC

The STFC galaxy is a vast universe and as part of the game, you need to explore the systems with your ships. Hostile ships can be found roaming the galaxy and various systems.

Moreover, although there are varying hostile ships, most of the foes will be indicated by a red label.

When you find a hostile ship, a number will appear to the left of the ship. This number indicates the enemy’s level. It is crucial that you consider the level of the enemy before you decide to attack it.

For instance, a level 2 player will not be able to defeat a level 20 enemy. However, a high-level player will be able to defeat a low-level enemy with ease.

STFC: Species 2000

STFC currently has several events that you can enjoy. One of these is a quiz that requires you to complete a task to answer the question.

To answer one of the questions, you have to destroy 5 Species 2000 Hostiles. For another event, players have to destroy 1 Species 2000 enemy.

STFC: Species 2000
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This has caused some confusion among players as most players do not know what Species 2000 is. According to a Reddit thread, Species 2000 are the Cardassians. In order to participate in the events, players have to vanquish Cardassian enemies.

Although the foes are part of the event, you have to defeat them just like you would other enemies. Players should ensure that they use the correct ship with a powerful crew to be successful in the battle.

That being said, low-level players may have a difficult time defeating the enemies.

On a Reddit thread, one player stated, “Cardassian hostiles are no joke tho. They range from 130000 to 201000 in strength.”

If you are a low-level player, you may want to increase your level before attempting to vanquish a Cardassian enemy. You can attempt to defeat them, but there is a big possibility that you will be defeated in the battle.

Species 2000 location

Cardassian enemies can be found near the level 20 system, Bajor. In order to reach this system, you need a warp range of 25, which can be problematic for low-level players as they do not have access to ships with a high warp range.

If you want to participate in the event, but your ships’ warp range is too low, we recommend that you use Cadet Scotty, as his captain ability increases a ship’s warp range.

You should keep in mind, though, that even though your warp range will be increased with Scotty, it may still not be high enough to reach Bajor.

Delta Quadrant Trivia

As previously stated, there is a quiz event that is active in STFC. In the Delta Quadrant Trivia event, you have to complete a specific activity or task to answer the question.

The following table lists the questions and the answers:

Question Question Answer
1 Players have to figure out who Species 5008 represents and then mine the materials that they usually guard To answer this question, you have to mine Crystal from a Klingon Territory
2 Unknown Players have to defeat 25 Species 2000, which are Cardassians. You can find them in the level 20 system, Bajor.

How to increase warp range

As explained above, your ships may not be able to reach Bajor if their warp range is not high enough. Warp range can be increased by upgrading the warp drive or by allocating Cadet Scotty to the bridge of the ship.

Unfortunately, a ship’s warp range will only increase if you upgrade its components, which requires specific materials. Therefore, it may take some time before you can travel to systems that require a high warp range.

We recommend that you focus on the missions and tasks that are available to you. Although the events reward you with rich items, you can always participate in them if your ships have a high warp range.

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