STFC: Solo Armada Locations

STFC Commanders have to travel to specific systems to summon the Solo Armadas, but you have to acquire Directives to summon them.

In Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) players have to defeat a range of hostiles to progress in the game.

Some hostiles require that you team up with your Alliance members to defeat them, while others, like the Solo Armadas, can only be defeated alone.

There are different types of Solo Armadas that you can enjoy, including Dominion and Borg Solo Armadas. Both types of Solo Armadas function the same as normal faction Armadas, but you have to use 3 ships to defeat the enemy.

This means that even though you have to face the enemies alone, you can use 3 ships, with 3 crews to vanquish the hostiles from the galaxy.

Keep in mind that you cannot simply find a Solo Armada in the galaxy as you will have to summon them using Directives.

Borg Directives can be purchased from the Borg Refinery. You can purchase 100 Regular Directives on a daily basis if you have a tier 9 Vi’dar.

When you have vanquish the Borg Solo Armadas, you can exchange the loot for a chest, which will provide you with 100 Rare Directives.

All Commanders therefore have to start by fighting the Regular Borg Solo Armadas before they can attempt to destroy stronger enemies.

Once you have procured a Directive, you can go to specific systems to summon the enemy and defeat it to earn rewards.

Where to find the Borg Solo Armadas

It is worth noting that Solo Armadas can only be found in specific systems. The table below lists where you can summon Borg Solo Armadas:

Uncommon enemy level Rare enemy level Epic enemy level System
35 Not applicable Not applicable
  • Atraxi
  • Megnomis
41 42 43
  • Petoran
45 46 47
  • Efros
48 49 50
  • Torovin
52 53 54
  • Thora-Beta06
56 57 58
  • Thora-Omega-2
58 59 60
  • Orin-Theta-12
60 60 60
  • Orin-Sigma-9

As seen in the table, you can defeat different rarities of the Borg Solo Armadas. Keep in mind that the hostile’s strength, power and statistics increase with each rarity.

This means that an Epic hostile is more difficult to vanquish than an Uncommon enemy.

STFC: Borg Solo Armada Locations

Where to find the Dominion Solo Armadas

Similar to the Borg Solo Armadas, you can only find the Dominion Solo Armadas in specific systems. They are also divided into different rarities which increase with strength, statistics and power.

We therefore recommend that players start defeating the Uncommon enemies before trying to defeat stronger hostiles.

You can find the Dominion Solo Armadas in the following systems:

Uncommon Armada level Rare Armada level Epic Armada level System
35 Not Applicable Not Applicable
  • Ammaga
  • Rakan
  • Ekimuk
40 41 42
  • Alafoss
43 44 45
  • Kurill
46 47 48
  • Clohma
48 49 50
  • Hyra
50 50 51
  • Evarin
51 52 53
  • Yerra
53 54 55
  • Reddan
56 57 58
  • Vefeeq
58 59 60
  • Dal Vor
60 60 60
  • Lysis
  • Altero

STFC: Dominion Solo Armadas

Recommended crews

Although the Borg and the Dominion are different types of hostiles, you can use the same crews to take them down.

Some of the teams that you can assign to your vessels to vanquish the Solo Armadas from the galaxy are:

Ranking Crews
Very Strong
  • Five of Eleven, Six of Eleven, Khan
  • William T. Riker, Khan, Six of Eleven
  • William T. Riker, Kirk, Spock
  • Benjamin Sisko, Miles O’Brien, Changeling Kira
  • Benjamin Sisko, Miles O’Brien, Six of Eleven
  • Jean-Luc Picard, Beverly, Eurydice
  • Kirk, Spock, Gorkon
  • Kirk, Spock, Lorca
  • Kirk, Spock, Georgiou
  • Kirk, Spock, Nero
  • William T. Riker, Beverly Crusher, Kirk
  • Five of Eleven, Kirk, Spock
  • Kirk, Spock, Six of Eleven
  • Kirk, Spock, Khan
  • Leslie, Kirk, Spock
Very Weak
  • Arix, Kumak, Vemet
  • Azetbur, Kerala, M’Ral
  • Sulu, Bones, Spock
  • Cadet Kirk, Cadet McCoy, Instructor Spock


For every hostile that you defeat in STFC, you will earn a variety of rewards. However, as previously mentioned, you can exchange the loot that you obtain by vanquishing the Borg Solo Armadas for chests, which will give you the Directives required to destroy stronger enemies.

Keep in mind, however, that your level determines the number of chests you can earn. Players can earn up to 3 chests to earn the Borg Directives.

Commanders who defeat the Dominion Solo Armadas will also be rewarded with chests, however, you will receive Bajoran Credits, Diplomacy Tokens, Ultra Tokens and character shards

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