STFC: Silver Scar Part 2

One of the missions that you can complete in STFC is part 2 of the Silver Scar mission chain, however, it has several bugs.

You can encounter iconic Star Trek characters, storylines, ships and locations in this explorative video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

In order to advance in the game, you have to complete a range of quests, one of which is Silver Scar Part 2.

STFC: Silver Scar Part 2

Players should note that Silver Scar Part 2 cannot be started directly by accepting it in a system, this is because it is part of a chain mission. Once you have the mission, you must follow the Voyage to the Nygea system and go to Tugaash.

You then have to defeat a Voyager in Nygea before escaping the Silver Scar by going to Veringan. Players then have to destroy the Silver Scar, but the battle will be interrupted by a cutscene before you can totally destroy the vessel.

Maia will reveal that the Silver Scar has taken severe damage and that it is dying.

She will also mention that the damage is clearly deeper than just physical and that she can help you reach the Alpha Quadrant by reincorporating into the ship’s body before solidification.

After accepting Maia’s offer, the solidification process will commence and to complete this quest, you need to offer the Silver Scar a way out.

STFC: Silver Scar Part 2
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When you have completed Silver Scar part 2, you will be rewarded. Players will receive 1400 Latinum, which can be used to purchase ship parts, experience points, speed ups, repair speed ups and resources, among other things.

You will also receive 104 000 Officer experience points, which can be used to increase the levels of some of your Officers.

The higher your Officers’ levels are, the better they will perform on the battlefield. Lastly, you will receive 1200 3-star Raw Ore, which can be refined in your Refinery.

Where to begin Silver Scar part 2

In order to unlock part 2 of the Silver Scar mission, players must complete the first part, which can be picked up in the level 40 system, Veringan.

This system requires a warp range of 65, which means that if your warp range is too low, you cannot begin the quest.

Silver Scar Part 2 bug

Several players have mentioned that Silver Scar Part 2 did not automatically begin after they have completed part 1 of the quest.

Furthermore, multiple Commanders revealed that the path to complete part 2 of the quest is locked, and the only way to unlock the path is to complete Silver Scar Part 2.

Fortunately, STFC’s developers quickly became aware of these bugs and resolved the issues within a few hours.

If you are experiencing this issue, we recommend that you quit the game, ensure that you have the latest version installed and start the game.

For some players, part 1 was automatically completed after they restarted the game and therefore, they were able to begin part 2.

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