STFC: Silver Scar Part 1

To accept STFC’s Silver Scar Part 1 quest, players have to travel to the level 40 system, Veringan, which requires a warp range of 65.

In this explorative video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC), players can enjoy space-based missions, collect legendary Star Trek characters and build numerous vessels.

To progress in the game, you have to complete quests, one of which is Silver Scar Part 1.

STFC: Silver Scar Part 1

In order to accept the first part of the Silver Scar mission, your warp range has to be at least 65. This is because the quest can only be accepted in the level 40 system, Veringan.

If your warp range is too low, you can assign certain officers to the ship as they can increase the vessel’s warp range, but if it is still too low, you cannot accept the quest.

After accepting the quest, Commanders must travel to Nygea where Maia will tell you that you are too late to intercept Voyager. She then reveals that survivors on Draban may have useful information, but you first have to assist them.

A survivor will reveal a lot of useful information to you before you have to travel to the Minkalal system.

When you arrive in the system, Maia will open a channel to the Voyager, but unfortunately, this vessel will attack your ship. Gamers must then repair their ship to complete the quest and earn rewards.


After repairing your ship, you will have completed the first part of the Silver Scar mission, for which you will earn Chakotay and 80 000 Ship Experience Points for your efforts.

Chakotay is an Epic Officer with amazing abilities, which are listed below:

Ability type Ability Description
Captain Maneuver Visionary Increases shots versus Armadas by a specific percentage.
Officer Ability Maquis Strike Increases critical hit chance for 2 rounds when you hit an Armada for a certain percentage.

Silver Scar Part 2 bug

Once you have completed Silver Scar part 1, you will automatically unlock part 2. There are many players that did not automatically receive the quest.

If you do not automatically receive part 2, we recommend that you quit the game and make sure that you have the latest version installed. You can then open the game to see if the issue has been resolved.

Scopely, STFC’s developer, resolved the issue, however, if you are still experiencing the issue, you should log a ticket.

STFC: Silver Scar Part 2
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Silver Scar Part 2

Once you have acquired the quest, you need to follow the Voyager to the Nygea system.

After a cutscene, you have to destroy the vessel and escape the Silver Scar. Unfortunately, the escape was not successful, therefore, you have to destroy the ship.

Maia will mention that she can help Kim get to the Alpha Quadrant, but the only way to do this is through a solidification process.

Once the process is complete, you have to offer the Silver Scar a way out to complete the quest.

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