STFC: Silent Nebula

STFC gamers can use Silent Nebula Tokens to travel to Silent Nebula Systems, which is the only place where you can find Silent Enemies.

Star Trek Fleet Command’s update 64 was released on Tuesday, 5 March 2024 and it introduced new enemies, Artifacts, events, missions and a new Battle Pass.

According to the update, players level 38 and higher can now acquire Temporal Artifacts.

If you meet the level requirement, you can claim a daily bundle of Temporal Disruptors and Silent Nebula Tokens from the Ex-Borg Faction Store.

Players can use their Silent Nebula Tokens to travel to Silent Nebula systems, in which you can find the new Silent Hostiles.

The Silent Nebula systems are adjacent to the Delphic Expanse, and these systems vary in level. You can therefore find the following systems in Silent Nebula space:

Level System
65 Zephyrion Axis
63 Korolios Void
61 Aquinelan Star
57 Sylphira Delta
55 Lyrae Nebula
51 Valtara Minor
46 Orinthus Prime
41 Aethera Nova

Keep in mind that you need to have a Silent Nebula Token every time you want to enter one of these systems. Moreover, your vessel also needs a specific warp range in order to travel to the system.

If you have the token but your warp range is too low, you will not be able to explore the new system.

Temporal Disruptors

In addition to the Silent Nebula Tokens, you need Temporal Disruptors to unlock Temporal Artifacts.

Players can exchange their Temporal Disruptors for a Temporal Artifact shard of their choosing. You can choose the Temporal Artifact that you want to unlock in the Artifact category of the Store.

Keep in mind that you can upgrade the new Temporal Artifacts to enhance their capabilities. To upgrade an Artifact, you will have to use a Temporal Artifact Shard.

This essentially means that you have to claim the Temporal Disruptors and Silent Nebula Tokens on a daily basis.

STFC: Temporal Disruptors
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Temporal Artifact Loop

Update 64 introduced the Temporal Artifact Loop, for which you have to refine Temporal Disruptors into shards of your desired artifact. Unlike the other Artifacts, the Temporal Artifacts can be unlocked in any order.

Keep in mind that you have to use your Silent Nebula Tokens to travel to Silent Nebula systems.

STFC players have to conquer Silent Enemies to acquire Temporal Disruptor Parts, which can then be exchanged for reward chests which contain Temporal Disruptors, Ship Parts and Orbit Medallions.

Only then can you unlock and upgrade Temporal Artifacts in the Artifact Gallery.

STFC: Silent Enemies
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Temporal Artifacts

There are numerous Temporal Artifacts that you can unlock, some of which are:

Name Description
The Great Eye of Ara Increases Artifact Fragment cost efficiency for all Artifacts
Orb of Time Increases Critical Chance when on an Interceptor fighting a Battleship
Nero’s Trident Increases all Officer statistics

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