STFC: Silent Hostiles

STFC Commanders can now defeat Silent Hostiles to upgrade their Temporal Artifacts in the Artifact Gallery.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) recently got a major update, which revealed that players can now encounter a new type of hostile in the galaxy.

Silent Hostiles, also referred to as Silent Enemies, will challenge your crew like no other hostile in the game.

STFC: Silent Hostiles
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Although they are difficult to destroy, you will receive extremely valuable rewards for vanquishing them. That being said, you have to use the correct crew in order to earn the most rewards.

According to the update, there are 3 team combinations that you can use to vanquish the Silent Hostiles:

Officers Effects
  • Pike
  • Moreau
  • Tucker
If you use this team, you will weaken the Silent Hostiles’ critical damage significantly.
  • Severus
  • Decius
  • Charvanek
The enemy ship will fall in 5 rounds due to a fully synergized Severus. However, Commanders who do not survive the 5 rounds should attack a lower-level Silent Hostile.
  • Ent-E Picard
  • Ent-E Data
  • Tucker
Tucker will blunt the enemy’s damage while Picard and Data will increase your offense. Keep in mind, however, that your fleet will take more damage with this crew, but you will be rewarded with better loot.

Several Commanders have been experimenting with crews to see which team combinations against the Silent Hostiles.

Allegedly, the best crew is Janeway as Captain, Doctor and Trip. This crew worked better than the crews listed in the table. If you are yet to obtain Tucker, you can use SNW Pike with Una and Hemmer.

Where to find Silent Hostiles

It is noteworthy that the level of the Silent Hostiles that you should defeat is determined by your OPS level.

According to the update, you have to vanquish a specific level of Silent Hostiles in order to earn rewards. If you defeat a hostile out of your bracket, you will not get any rewards:

OPS Level System Hostile level
40 – 45 Aethera Nova
  • 41
  • 44
46 – 50 Orinthus Prime
  • 46
  • 49
51 – 54 Valtara Minor
  • 51
  • 53
55 – 59 Lyrae Nebula
  • 55
  • 57

Silent Hostile Loot

If you defeat a Silent Hostile, you will receive extremely valuable rewards.

However, it will also progress STFC Commanders’ journey in upgrading Temporal Artifacts in the Artifact Gallery due to the amount of rewards that they drop when defeated in combat.

That being said, the loot you will get depends on the enemy’s level:

Silent Hostile level Loot
40 -45 G4 Uncommon
46 – 50 G4 Rare
51 – 54 G5 Uncommon
55 – 60 G5 Rare
61 – 62 G6 Uncommon
63 + G6 Rare

Artifact Gallery

If you defeat Silent Hostiles, you will be able to upgrade Temporal Artifacts in the Artifact Gallery.

This building houses a collection of valuable Artifacts which are unique and powerful items that will grant your fleet with a vast range of highly potent buffs to the ones who acquire them.

By level 40, your Artifact Gallery should be a high level and you may have collected several Artifacts as you advanced in the game. If you defeat Silent Hostiles, you can upgrade your Temporal Artifacts and receive better buffs.

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