STFC: Silent Enemy Location

Update 64 of STFC introduced the Silent Enemies, which can only be found in specific systems in Silent Nebula Space.

A recent Star Trek Fleet Command update introduced the Silent Enemies, which are extremely difficult to defeat.

Since their release, Commanders have questioned where they can find the new enemies. Similarly to other hostiles, the Silent Enemies can only be found in specific systems.

Players will have to travel to Silent Nebula Space, which can be found near the Delphic Expanse.

Keep in mind that there are varying levels of the new hostile, and the level of the enemy determines the system in which they spawn, as is shown below:

Level System
41 Aethera Nova
46 Orinthus Prime
51 Valtara Minor
55 Lyrae Nebula
57 Sylphira Delta
61 Aquinelan Star
63 Korolios Void
65 Zephyrion Axis

Commanders should note that it is impossible to know the exact spawn location of the Silent Enemies. This means that you will have to search the above-mentioned systems until you come across a hostile.

Some players may therefore search for 10 minutes, while others will find a Silent Enemy within a few seconds.

That being said, Silent Enemies are the next big thing in STFC, which means that multiple Commanders are trying to defeat them.

You may therefore have to wait a while before a Silent Enemy will spawn in one of the systems mentioned in the table.

Silent Nebula Tokens

In order to enter the above-mentioned systems, you have to procure Silent Nebula Tokens. Commanders can claim a daily bundle of Temporal Disruptors and Silent Nebula Tokens in the Ex-Borg Faction Store.

Once you are in the system, you can destroy Silent Enemies to obtain Temporary Disruptor Parts.

STFC players can exchange their Temporary Disruptor Parts for reward chests which contain Temporal Disruptors, Ship Parts and Orbit Medallions. You can then unlock and upgrade Temporal Artifacts in the Artifact Gallery.

STFC: Temporal Disruptors
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Silent Hostiles

As previously stated, Silent Hostiles are extremely difficult to vanquish from the galaxy. This is because they are equipped with powerful buffs, including Burning Status, Critical Floor, Critical Damage and Critical Chance.

Burn will be applied for 3 rounds at the beginning of combat, and they have a 100% critical chance at the start of the battle for 4 rounds.

The enemies will also increase their own critical damage by 350% at the beginning of each round.

Crew recommendations

Before traveling to a Silent Enemy location, we recommend that you carefully consider the officers that you want to use.

When looking at the Silent Hostiles’ buffs, it is clear that Tucker is an obvious option as he will protect your vessel from critical damage.

In addition to Tucker, we recommend that you use Pike and Moreau, however, you can also use Ent-E Picard and Ent-E Data to defeat them.

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