STFC: Silent Enemies

STFC’s update 64 introduced the Silent Enemies and they are extremely difficult to defeat, however, the rewards are extremely valuable.

Scopely released update 64 for Star Trek Fleet Command on Tuesday, 5 March 2024 and it introduced numerous new activities and content for Commanders to enjoy.

Players can now encounter a new type of hostile known as Silent Enemies as they explore the galaxy.

According to the patch notes, Silent Enemies are quite difficult to vanquish, however, you will receive valuable loot if you defeat them. Defeating silent enemies will progress your journey in upgrading Temporal Artifacts in the Artifact Gallery.

STFC: Silent Enemies
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That being said, you are required to attack hostiles that correspond to your level. If you attack a Silent Enemy whose level is lower or higher than your level, you will not be able to use the loot that you will receive in your Artifact Storey.

Unlike other hostiles in STFC, Silent Enemies have a variety of buffs, they have 100 percent critical chance for the first 4 rounds of combat, and they also deal 500 percent critical damage on a hit. After that, the critical chance is decreased to 10 percent.

Silent Enemies also apply burning to your vessel for the first 6 rounds. Regardless of how high your mitigation is, the burning effect will do 1 percent hull per round for the 6 rounds.

Which level Silent Enemies should you defeat?

As previously mentioned, the Silent Enemies you have to defeat are determined by your  OPS level at the time. The following table lists which level of enemies you have to vanquish:

OPS Level Silent Enemies level
40 – 45
  • 41
  • 44
  • 46
  • 49
55 – 59
  • 55
  • 57

As seen in the table, Commanders below level 40 will not be able to defeat the Silent Enemies. We therefore recommend that if you are below level 40, you do not attack a Silent Enemy, as the hostile will destroy your entire fleet.


Similarly to other enemies in STFC, the Silent Enemies can only be found in specific systems. You therefore have to travel to these following systems if you want to destroy Silent Enemies:

Level System
41 Aethera Nova
46 Orinthus Prime
51 Valtara Minor
55 Lyrae Nebula
57 Sylphira Delta
61 Aquinelan Star
63 Korolios Void
65 Zephyrion Axis

Commanders should note that each system has a warp range requirement. If your level is high enough to defeat these foes, but your warp range is too low, you will not be able to travel to the systems.

Crew recommendations

It is not recommended that STFC players use a random crew to conquer the Silent Enemies. According to the update, players can use the following teams:

Crew Description
  • Severus
  • Decius
  • Charvanek
With a fully synergized Severus, the hostile vessel will fall in 5 rounds. This team is best used when fighting battleships. If you cannot survive the 5 rounds, you can attack a lower-level enemy.
  • Ent-E Picard
  • Ent-E Data
  • Tucker
Data and Picard will boost your vessel’s offense, while Tucker will blunt the enemy’s damage. Even though you will sustain more damage, you will receive better loot.
  • Pike
  • Moreau
  • Tucker
This team combination weakens the Silent Enemies’ critical damage significantly.

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