STFC: Shipyard Armada

Commanders who meet specific requirements in STFC can send their Monaveen to defeat the Shipyard Solo Armadas to earn rich rewards.

There are various enemies that you can defeat as you progress in Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC). One of the enemy types that you can vanquish is the Shipyard Armadas, who are essentially Texas-Class Solo Armada enemies.

In order to defeat these enemies, you need to construct the Monaveen, which was introduced in September 2023 with update 58.

When you have constructed the Monaveen, you can travel to the Texas-Class systems, which are next to Federation Space.

Shipyard Armada

Similarly to other enemies in STFC, there are different levels of the Shipyard Armadas in different systems.

After selecting the level of the Shipyard Armada that you want to destroy, you can send your Monaveen to the system where it can be found and search the system for the enemy.

In the system, you will find Automated Shipyards which can be destroyed to earn rich rewards. Keep in mind that there is a chance that Texas-Class ships will attack your fleet once you enter the system.

Allegedly, the first vessel that you send into the system will be attacked by a Texas-Class Sentry and you then have to perform the “Chaser” trick to get rid of the attacking enemy.

Once you are rid of the attacking enemies, you can use your Monaveen to destroy the Shipyard Armadas.

Keep in mind, however, that you need to acquire Shipyard Directives to start the Solo Armada. Players can battle Texas-Class ships to collect loot, which can then be exchanged in the Monaveen’s Refinery for Shipyard Directives.

The Directives can then be used to challenge the Shipyard Armadas, which drop Shipyard Credits when defeated.

Shipyard Armada locations

The level of the Shipyard Armada determines the system that they can be found in. It is noteworthy that your ships need a specific warp range to be able to travel to the systems.

The higher the level of the enemy that you want to defeat, the higher your warp range needs to be. The  table below lists the location of the different level Shipyard Armadas:

Shipyard Armada Level System
  • Maelruan
  • Nonsuch
  • Tunicci
  • Abriluni
  • Hornebolte
  • Brawowe
  • Stetson
  • Quiparas
  • Elt-97
  • Mazai
  • Biscotti
  • Corvinus
  • Regiocomo

The Monaveen

In order to defeat the Shipyard Armadas you need to use the Monaveen, though it can only be constructed by Commanders between level 40 and level 60.

This is because the ship contains a tiered system with 12 locks, which are aligned with specific level ranges.

Constructing and deploying the Monaveen yields substantial resource rewards which are unmatched by any other game element.

Commanders will receive an abundance of Parsteel, Dilithium and Tritanium when they have constructed the Monaveen.

These rewards commence from the initial tier and are tiered according to your level and the ship tier in the Queen’s Favor exchanges.

This means that even at tier 1, you will receive rewards based on your level with progression yielding even greater benefits.

Mutually Assured Destruction

Even though there are different levels of the Shipyard Armadas, all the vessels have the same active ability; Mutually Assured Destruction.

This ability’s description reveals that when this enemy is in combat with a player, it lowers the player’s peace shield. Furthermore, if your ship is a battleship, the ability reduces the hostile’s Isolytic Defense by 30 percent.

This means that if you attack a Shipyard Armada, your station’s peace shield will be lowered and other Commanders and ships will be able to attack your station.

However, you can let revenge hostiles target the Texas-Class enemies without lowering your peace shield, though this strategy may take some practice to get it right.


There is a chance that after successfully vanquishing a Shipyard Armada players will receive a chest that contains rich rewards.

However, on the official STFC Discord channel, one player mentioned that there is no guarantee that you will get the chest after destroying the hostile.

If you do receive the chest you can open it to claim the rewards. There is a chance that players could  receive Active Net Chips, Borg Solo Armada Credits, Expansion Cube Directives and  Rare Borg Solo Armada Credits.

Commanders can open the Monaveen Refinery to exchange their credits for exciting rewards, but keep in mind that you need a specific number of credits in order to complete the exchange.

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