STFC: Ship locations

As your fleet expands in STFC, it can be difficult to keep track of your ship locations, but luckily, there is a way that you can locate them.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is an explorative video game that combines role-playing elements with tactical battles.

The game follows the Kelvin chronology from the classic Star Trek series and therefore, you will likely encounter iconic characters from the series in the game.

As you progress in STFC, you will collect ships. As you get more ships, it may become more difficult to keep track of where your ships are. Fortunately, you can locate your ships as they explore the space systems.

Ships in STFC

Ships in STFC may seem like a somewhat insignificant feature, but they serve as your primary means by which to explore the galaxy.

Moreover, ships allow you to harvest resources and to participate in battles. Different types of ships have unique advantages and disadvantages.

For example, survey ships are not effective in combat, however they will give you a mining boost when you are harvesting resources. Survey ships are specifically made for the purpose of mining and carrying resources.

Interceptors, Battleships, and Explorers have accompanying strengths and weaknesses. Players get a slight advantage on the battlefield if they select the correct ship type.

STFC: Ship locations

Before you can send your ships out to battle enemies and harvest resources, you have to ensure that you have a powerful fleet. In order to build a ship, you have to procure blueprints. Once you have  enough blueprints, you will be able to construct a ship.

After constructing a ship, you have to gather resources, materials, and components to upgrade your ship. Your ship will gain higher statistics and battle power when it is upgraded.

Players can send out a ship by assigning a Captain. Any Officer in STFC can be a Captain, but it is noteworthy that every Captain provides unique buffs to the ship. Although your ships can explore the galaxy, they can only move as far as their statistics allows them to.

A ship has to enter warp to travel between systems. During this time, it cannot be attacked by another player. Furthermore, you cannot  redirect your ship while it is in warp.

In the early stages of the game, it is easy to keep track of where your ships are in the galaxy. However, as you get additional ships, it may become difficult to know where your ships are.

Players can view the location of each ship by clicking the ship’s icon at the bottom center of your screen when you are looking at a map view. Thereafter, select the  “Locate” button on the panel that opens up in the bottom left corner of your screen.

You will be taken to the system map that is centred around the selected ship if that ship is in a system. However, if the ship is in warp, it will take you to the galaxy map centred around the selected ship.

How to find Supply Ships

Some of the events in STFC require that you steal resources from supply ships, however, it can be difficult to locate them. Gamers can use a third-party website called STFC Database to find a supply ship,.

On the website, you have to select the “Hostiles” category and then search supply ships. There, you will see the Klingon Supply Ships and the Romulan Supply Ships.

The locations at which you can find Supply Ships in STFC are:

Faction Locations
Klingon Supply Ships
  • Quo’Kor
  • Cha’Takla
  • Uklor
  • Kus’Rok
  • Hro’Lug
  • Hig’Qar
  • Xa’Lomk
  • Embek
  • Alarek
  • Mokba
Romulan Supply Ships
  • Morvani
  • Velnor
  • Saetel
  • Bildari
  • Olas
  • Rekar
  • Elaisik
  • Tulris
  • Ormilek
  • Lilanei

System locations

There are many Factions in STFC, each of which has specific systems. Systems can be found in the faction zone at specific coordinates. Some of the faction zones that you can find in STFC are as follows:

Faction Zone name Coordinates
Romulan Aerie -4364.88
Romulan Belak -4115.58
Federation Voss -4828, -16
Federation Lo’Uren Co 207, -244
Romulan V’varia -4428,-3
Federation Gemet -5020, -19

What ships can you acquire in STFC?

The ships that you can obtain are determined by your shipyard level. As your shipyard level increases, you can acquire more ships. The table below lists some of the ships that you can construct:

Ship name Type Rarity Shipyard level
Realta Explorer Common Not applicable
Jellyfish Explorer Rare 12
Kehra Interceptor Common 20
Mantis Battleship Rare 33
K’Vort Survey Ship Rare 30

Before you can build a ship, you have to farm blueprints. You have to procure a specific number of blueprints for each ship to construct it. You can acquire blueprints  by defeating enemies and harvesting resources.

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