STFC: Shape Memory Alloy

Players can use Shape Memory Alloy in STFC to upgrade their Borg Cube, however, you have to refine Technological Distinctiveness to acquire it.

Star Trek Fleet Command invites fans of the Star Trek series to create or join powerful alliances to dominate star systems and build the most powerful empire in the galaxy.

As a Commander of a starbase, you have to collect, build and upgrade iconic ships and recruit legendary officers.

Shape Memory Alloy

Scopely recently announced that Commanders level 28 and higher can add the Borg Cube vessel to their fleet. This ship is unlike other ships in STFC as it was designed to grow with you as you progress in the game.

Similarly to other vessels in the game, you can upgrade the Borg Cube to improve its capabilities.

However, to upgrade this ship, you need to procure Shape Memory Alloy via the new Borg Cube Refinery. To obtain Shape Memory Alloy, you need to refine Technological Distinctiveness.

STFC: Borg Cube Refinery
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Players can only get Technological Distinctiveness when they defeat enemies with the Borg Cube’s unique active ability, Borg Cutting Beam.

To charge this ability, you need to defeat enemies. The more enemy vessels you damage , the faster the Beam will charge, but keep in mind that charging is determined by the HHP damage dealt in regular combat.

When the Beam is charged, you can select any ship in the same system and select the Borg Cutting Beam Icon on the enemy pop-up.

If you successfully destroy a PvE target using this ability, you will receive Technological Distinctiveness.

To upgrade their Borg Cubes, Commanders can refine this resource into Shape Memory Alloy, which essentially comprise Borg Ship Parts.

Upgrading the Borg Cube

In addition to Shape Memory Alloy, you need to use various resources and materials to upgrade your Borg Cube.

The following table lists the materials that you need to upgrade the vessel to tier 5:

Material Quantity
Tritanium 4.23 billion
Dilithium 11.9 million
3-star Battleship Parts 760
3-star Common Refined Ore 19 120
3-star Uncommon Refined Ore 1 220
3-star Common Refined Crystal 22 240
3-star Uncommon Refined Crystal 1 080
Shape Memory Alloy 12.9 million
Borg Data Node Tier 2 1
Borg Data Node Tier 3 1
Borg Data Node Tier 4 1
Borg Data Node Tier 5 1

Advanced Cybernetics

Commanders can also refine their Technological Distinctiveness to procure Advanced Cybernetics. This unique resource can be used to progress the new Borg Cube research nodes, which are in the Ex-Borg research tree.

You therefore have to decide which resource you want to upgrade your Borg Cube, but keep in mind that there are certain requirements that must be met in order to progress the research nodes.

To research the Borg Cube Warp Range, you need to be at level 34, while the Borg Cube Weaponry requires that players are level 28.

Due to the requirements, several STFC players will upgrade the Borg Cube until they reach the necessary levels to unlock the research nodes.

Technological Distinctiveness

The amount of Technological Distinctiveness that you will receive after destroying enemies with the Borg Cutting Beam is based on the level of the hostile that you vanquished.

The table below lists the amount of TD that you will earn according to the enemy’s level:

Enemy level Amount of Technological Distinctiveness
1 5
2 5
3 5
4 5
5 5
10 9
15 14
20 23
25 37
30 62
35 100
40 225
45 370
50 595
55 1320
60 2125
65 4765
70 7675

Tier requirements

Once you have your Shape Memory Alloy, you can upgrade your Borg Cube, though there are certain requirements for every tier that you have to keep in mind.

The tier requirements are as follows:

Warp Component Tier Restriction Tier
2 Ops 33 Not applicable
3 Ops 36 Not applicable
4 G3 Epic 3
5 G3 Epic 6
6 G4 Unc 6
7 G4 Rare 6
8 G4 Epic 4
9 G4 Epic 8
10 G5 Unc 6
11 G5 Rare 6
12 G5 Epic 4
13 G5 Epic 8
14 G6 Unc 9
15 G6 Rare 9
16 G6 Epic 6
17 G6 Epic 18

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