STFC: September 2023 Arc

Scopely recently announced the September 2023 Arc for STFC, and it introduces a new ship, an array of new officers as well as new missions.

You can immerse yourself in a fictitious space realm in this exciting video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

To ensure that gamers have the best gaming experience, STFC’s developer, Scopely, regularly updates the game. They recently revealed that players can now enjoy the September 2023 Arc.

Story Arc

A Story Arc is essentially a group of Battle Passes which tell a longer story, and they last anywhere from 2 to 4 Battle Passes. During an Arc, you have to complete a set of objectives to progress in the various Battle Passes.

Keep in mind that you need to meet certain requirements to participate in the Battle Passes. If you meet the requirements, you have to complete specific quests, destroy various enemies and build specific ships.

You will also get the opportunity to recruit new Officers who can be assigned to your ships to boost their capabilities.

STFC: September 2023 Arc

On Tuesday, 5 September 2023, Scopely released the patch notes for update 58, which is also referred to as Lower Decks II Part 1.

This update’s official description reads, “The crew of the USS Cerritos is back with new friends, challenges and dragons to face. From metal rock bands to kidnapped queens, you will face a variety of unforgettable adventures.”

With the second Lower Decks arc now available, players can enjoy features, including a new ship, new officers and new missions.

According to Youtuber, Nowonshall, the September 2023 Arc is the first time ever that STFC players can experience a continuation of a series or an event style in the arcs.

The Lower Decks II Part 1 Arc introduces a new ship, which is the Monaveen. It is an economy-focused ship that is available to Commanders level 40 and higher.

This Hesperian Battleship mainly focuses on providing you with resources and material benefits as well as a research tree with fleet-wide advantages.

Once you have built this vessel, you will get access to the new Texas-class systems, which can be found next to Federation space.

In the new systems, you can fight Texas-class ships to receive loot, which can then be exchanged in the Monaveen’s refinery for Queen’s Favors, Monaveen-related items or Shipyard Directives.

Players can use the new directives to challenge Solo Armadas, which are also referred to as Automated Shipyards. The new enemy drops Shipyard Credits upon being defeated.

When you have enough Queen’s Favors or Shipyard Credits, you can exchange them for a bounty of resources or materials in the Refinery.

STFC: September 2023 Arc
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Attacking Automated Shipyards

Commanders should note that attacking a Texas-class hostile directly will force you to lower your peace shield. You will then receive a notification similar to the one seen when participating in PvP.

However, revenge hostiles spawn when you are in the new Texas-class systems and having one target on your ship will not cause you to lower your shield.

The optimal approach to vanquishing the new Solo Armadas requires strategic decision-making.

You have to decide whether you want to attack the Texas-class directly and lower your shield to defeat them quicker, or have revenge hostiles target them and keep your station protected.

New Officers

The September 2023 arc introduced not only 1, but 3 Epic Officers. The following table lists the new Officers and their abilities:

Officer Ability 1 Ability 2
Captain Carol Freeman Captain’s Maneuver: Vocal Jazz, increases shots by 100 percent against an enemy player at the start of combat. Officer Ability: Cerritos Strong! On round start, if the enemy player has any state, it increases Isolytic damage for 1 round.
Jack Ransom Officer Ability: Setting my Firsts to Stun. On round start, if on an explorer with morale, it increases Isolytic Cascade damage for 1 round against players. Below-Deck Ability: Exaggerated Confidence. On round start, if an interceptor and enemy player has hull breach, it increases Isolytic Defense for 1 round.
Andy Billups Officer Ability: In Your Element. On round start, if on an interceptor an the enemy player has hull breach, it increases Isolytic Cascade damage for 1 round. Below-Deck Ability: Two Decks Tall. On round start, if on a battleship and an enemy player is burning, it increase Isolytic Defense for 1 round.

What is the next arc?

Scopely recently released that STFC players can enjoy a new arc called Lower Decks II Part 1. There will reportedly be several parts once this arc is complete.

We therefore believe that the next arc will be Lower Decks II Part 2, however, this is yet to be confirmed.

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