STFC: Section 31 Wave Defense

STFC recently announced that you can enjoy Section 31 Wave Defense, for which you have to team up with other players to defeat waves of enemies

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is an adventurous video game based on the Kelvin timeline from the Star Trek franchise.

You can therefore encounter iconic characters like Nero, Scotty, Kirk, Spock and McCoy in the game from the series.

Section 31 Wave Defense

Scopely recently announced that players can now discover a new faction called Section 31. This intelligence organization sanctioned by Star Fleet has stepped out of the shadows and is asking for your assistance.

This mysterious group has designed essential locations which are of interest to them and needs your help to defend them.

These locations are known as Wave Defense, which is a new game mode that Commanders level 30 and higher can participate in.

STFC: Section 31 Wave Defense
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For this activity, you have to defend a key location against waves of enemy hostiles. There are 2 unique structures that Section 31 is asking for your assistance with defending, namely S31 Covert Base and Borg Research Lab.

It is important to remember that only Commanders between level 40 and level 60 can enjoy the S31 Covert Base mode, and you have to be level 30 to enjoy the Borg Research Lab.

Wave Defense details

In order to get access to the new S31 Wave Defense activity, you need to construct the new building, The Facade, in your starbase. That being said, only players levels 30 and higher can construct this building.

Once you have constructed the building, you can team up with other STFC players to start the Wave Defense activity. Keep in mind that you have to assign two of your strongest ships to travel to the system.

Section 31 Ciphers

The update also introduced a new currency known as Section 31 Ciphers, which can be used to start a Wave Defense.

When the team leader starts the activity, all players’ Section 31 Ciphers will be removed from their inventory.

If you do not have any Section 31 Ciphers in your inventory, you will not be able to enjoy the new activity.

Players can get the new currency from the Section 31 Faction Store, which also unlocks when you build The Facade.

Which enemies do you have to defeat?

The objective of the Wave Defense activity in STFC is to prevent hostiles from reaching the Central Entity in the system.

Keep in mind that you have to survive 10 waves of enemies, though each wave increases with difficulty.

You can encounter the following enemies in the Wave Defense activity:

  • Delta Quadrant Bioships
  • Texas Class Invaders
  • Borg Battleships
  • Swarm Destroyers
  • Actian Explorers
  • Romulan Battleships
  • Klingon Destroyers
  • Federation Explorers

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