STFC: Scanning Hailing Frequencies

In STFC, players have to use their Hailing Frequencies Scanner to acquire information about a mysterious perpetrator.

In this adventurous video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) players can build ships, mine resources, complete space-based missions and recruit officers.

During the Delta Adversary event, players have to solve mysteries to find out which system they need to visit. Once you are in the system, you have to use the Hailing Frequencies Scanner.

STFC: Scanning Hailing Frequencies

The Delta Adversary event reveals that the Delta Quadrant is full of mystery and danger.

As the Voyager explores the labyrinth of uncharted space, STFC’s forces in the Alpha Quadrant face an antithetical problem at home: confronting new otherworldly threats.

During this event, you have to use an image to figure out which systems you have to travel to, to find information about a mysterious perpetrator. Each Data SMS requires you to travel to a unique system to acquire information.

Once you are in the system, you have to use the Hailing Frequencies scanner to scan the system for information. To use this scanner, players need to activate it in their settings menu.

After activating the scanner, you have to select your ship where you will find an icon that looks like a hand.

By clicking on the hand icon, you will use the Hailing Frequencies Scanner to procure information about the perpetrator and complete the Data SMS.

Delta Data SMS

There are 6 Delta Datas that you’ll have to complete, each of which requires you to travel to a different system. Keep in mind that the system depends on your current level:

Delta Data number Systems
  • Lainey (Commanders level 26 and higher)
  • Dyrr (Players below level 26)
  • Ferenigar (Operations level 26 and higher)
  • Suqigor (Operations below level 26)
  • Nasturta (Commanders above level 26)
  • Yoki Neesha (Commanders below level 26)
  • Kuzukoh (Players level 26 and higher)
  • Kito (Operations below level 26)
  • Aletara (Commanders level 26 or higher)
  • Kejal (Players below level 26)

Delta Data 6

Once you reach Delta Data 6, you will notice that there are no planets for you to visit or the need for you to use the Hailing Frequencies Scanner.

Instead, you have to open the in-game Event Store where you have to choose how you want to deal with the forces.

You can choose between Offensive and Diplomatic, each of which has a unique set of tasks for you to complete. Regardless of what you choose, you will still receive rewards once the arc concludes.

Offensive versus Diplomatic

If you select the Diplomatic path, it is up to you to communicate and negotiate peace with the forces from the Delta Quadrant. You have to upgrade your officers, complete away-team missions and gather resources.

STFC players who select the Offensive option have to prepare their strength for battle against the forces from the Delta Quadrant. You can expect tasks that revolve around your fleet, researching and defeating enemies.

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