STFC: Requital part 7

Requital is a new main mission in STFC, however, players are experiencing some bugs with it.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is an explorative mobile game that invites gamers to immerse themselves in a fictitious space realm.

The game is based on the classic series, Star Trek so you will likely experience the same features in the game as those seen in the franchise.

STFC’s developer, Scopely, recently revealed update 51’s patch notes. The update introduces several new features, including a new main mission, Requital, which consists of several parts.

What is the objective of main missions?

When you start playing STFC, you will begin a main mission, and this will continue even if you have reached the end of the game. Main missions serve as a guide to the game and therefore, they are mandatory.

During the early game stages, the main missions will be easy to complete, but as you reach higher levels, the content’s difficulty will increase. The main missions may take more time to complete, as their content is more difficult.

The objective of the main missions is to ensure that you progress in the game. Moreover, main missions help players to not feel lost while playing STFC.

STFC: Requital part 7

Update 51, which was released on Tuesday, 7 February 2023, introduced several new features to the game. Players can now get a new ship, several new officers, and complete various new missions. One of the core missions you can complete is Requital, which consists of several parts.

The official mission description reveals that you have to follow a trail of crumbs that will lead you to an individual that is desperate enough to go way over the line to avenge the Borg.

In the meantime, the brightest minds of the Alpha Quadrant gather to discuss how to stop the Borg menace. But they soon discover that someone is plotting to spread this menace even further.

The quest is available to all players who have reached level 34. It consists of several components that you have to complete to receive rewards. Bear in mind that you have to complete these parts in order to  unlock the following part of the mission.

Part 7 of the Requital mission requires that you uncover the danger threatening the conference participants. You have to get to the location from the message before finding the kidnappers. However, many players are experiencing a bug with this part of the mission.

On the official Discord server, numerous players have revealed that there is no “Locate” button on the menu. Players are therefore stuck in Mitchum Space, and they have no idea where or how to find the kidnappers.

Players allegedly have to travel to the Bellas system to find the kidnappers as the  “Locate” option in the menu disappeared from STFC.

Will Scopely resolve the bug?

Scopely regularly updates STFC to introduce new content, however, with an update, the developer will resolve known issues. If you are experiencing the Requital part 7 bug, it is advisable that you report this to Scopely to make them aware of the problem.

It is likely that Scopely will resolve the issue as soon as possible, but players may have to wait until the next update for the issue to be fixed.

For the time being, you can travel to the Bellas system to complete the quest and receive rewards.

Bellas system

The Bellas system is a neutral star system in STFC which can be found at -4832, -628. The system features a Raw Crystal mine that has a 5500 size with 600 rate and 50 count. It has several housing possibilities, each with 10 slots.

Although the Bellas system is a star system, you can find Pakled Thief enemies in it and you can encounter level 12 and level 13 enemies as you explore the system.

Players should keep in mind that these enemies have no scouts, but they can be powerful if your operation has a low level. To travel to this space system, it is recommended that you have a warp of 8.

How to increase your level

If you are yet to reach level 34, you cannot complete the quest. However, you should focus on completing quests that are available to you to increase your level. This is because you receive experience points as a reward for completing quests.

Once you have collected enough experience points, you will reach the next level. In addition to completing quests, you can defeat enemies to farm experience points.

Although many players are attempting to gain levels as quickly as possible, this is not recommended. This is because you will miss out on a lot of fun and interesting content if you rush the game. It is advisable that you advance in STFC at a steady pace.

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