STFC: Rare Event Ticket

STFC’s Rare Event Tickets enables gamers to participate in Rare Ticketed Events, which reward you with amazing items and resources.

As the commander of a starbase in Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC), you have to recruit legendary officers and build epic vessels to complete space-based missions.

When you first start playing the game, you will only have 1 vessel, however, as you progress in the game, you will unlock additional ships.

Rare Event Ticket

In addition to following the main arc, you can participate in in-game events. Each event requires that players complete certain tasks to earn valuable rewards. Some of these events  are the Rare Ticketed Events.

According to YouTuber, Rev Deuce, Commanders must complete 9 Ticketed Events to earn 10 Rare Tickets. Players can then use their Rare Tickets to enjoy a Rare Ticketed Event.

Allegedly, the rewards that you can earn by completing a Rare Ticketed Event are more valuable than the rewards you earn for participating in a regular event.

STFC: Rare Event Ticket
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Several players have revealed that they cannot find the Rare Ticketed Event in their Event menu.

However, Rev Deuce announced on his Discord server that Scopely has removed the Rare Ticket Event from STFC due to an issue, however it will be added to the game when the issue is resolved.

On the official STFC Discord server, player, Dyrvale revealed that there is currently a Rare Ticketed Event active, so it appears that Scopely has resolved the issue.

Ticketed Events

As previously explained, you have to complete 9 Ticketed Events to earn 10 Rare Tickets, which can be used to enjoy a Rare Ticketed Event. Rev Deuce mentioned that there are 3 Ticketed Events that players can enjoy daily.

You can either complete all the Ticketed Events every day to earn 90 tickets, or you can complete the Ticketed Events irregularly until you have collected enough tickets to participate in a Rare Ticketed Event.

Can you purchase Rare Tickets?

At the time of writing, Commanders cannot purchase Rare Tickets in the “Offers” tab. However, you can purchase the Event Ticket Elite Pack and the Event Ticket Ultra Pack.

Unfortunately, it is unknown whether or not you will be able to purchase Rare Tickets in the future.

However, we recommend that you check the Offers menu regularly to see if there are Rare Tickets available for purchase.

Gamers should note that these tickets can only be purchased with real money and therefore, only players who are willing to spend real money in STFC can purchase the tickets.

Are the Rare Ticketed Events worth it?

On the Official STFC Discord channel, several players have shared their opinions about the Rare Ticketed Events.

One STFC player, Draco, mentioned that it takes 90 tickets to get a chance to complete 1 Rare Ticketed Event, which rewards players with 6 officer shards.

Draco revealed that the officer shards are not worth the time and effort to procure the 90 tickets.

Another player, Moore B, revealed that he completed a Rare Ticketed event, but will not be completing another, as he claims that it is not worth it.

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