STFC: Ranger missions

STFC update 52 introduces the new Ranger missions, in which you can join an old friend as she tracks down a serial killer targeting the Fenris Rangers.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is an explorative video game which  was inspired by the well-renowned series, Star Trek. Therefore, you will experience similar characters, locations ,and ships in the game to those in the series.

There are several missions that you can complete in STFC. Update 52, which was released on 7 March 2023, introduced the new Ranger missions.

Missions in STFC

Missions are a key component of the game. They not only allow players to explore the vastness of the STFC universe, but they also yield unique rewards and give players access to isolated locations. The most important missions are the Main missions.

As players advance through STFC, following and completing the Main mission chain is essential. Main missions unlock unique paths and impact your game significantly.

Players can identify main missions by looking for the golden border that surrounds these mission titles.

In addition to main missions, you can also complete side missions. Unlike main missions, side missions are optional, and they do not influence the storyline of STFC.

Although you do not have to complete side missions, we recommend that you complete them as you will get unique rewards and experience points if you do.

STFC: Ranger missions

Update 52 introduces Legacy Part 1. The official description reads, “Fenris Ranger Phoenix D’Agnon calls on her old acquaintance the Commander to help her track down a killer targeting Rangers, altering their bodies to look like different species and posing them in disturbing tableaux.”

Unfortunately, the update did not reveal who the person is and what they have against the Fenris Rangers. However, the way D’Agnon’s peers have been dispatched feels deeply personal to the perpetrator.

Phoenix is a strict adherent to the code of the Rangers as she has a duty to help the vulnerable. Before she can find the killer,, she must interrupt her hunt in order to assist those who cry out in need.

When she does get back on the trail, she will learn that the source of darkness is not as far away as you think.

Players who are level 32 and higher can complete the new missions between 7 March 2023 and 26 March 2023. You have to join an old friend as she attempts to track down a serial killer who is targeting the Fenris Rangers.

It is up to you to help D’Agnon and complete Ranger missions to score points so that you can  earn rewards. Players who are level 32 and higher can find the Ranger missions in the Holodeck.

The objectives of the Ranger missions vary, for example, one mission requires that you kill specific enemies, while for another mission,  you have to travel to a specific system in the STFC universe.

Does the Ranger mission count towards the battle pass?

It is important to note that the Ranger missions are non-battle pass specific events. This means that progressing and completing the Ranger missions do not count for STFC’s battle pass.

However, this does not mean that you will not get any rewards for completing the Ranger missions.

Keep in mind that you have to complete all the Ranger missions in the Holodeck in order to receive rewards.

Are the Ranger missions optional?

The Ranger missions are completely optional, meaning that you do not have to complete them to advance in the game. However, we recommend that you complete them, as you will earn many resources for completing them.

Moreover, the quests do not require a lot of time. Most players completed the Ranger missions in an hour.

If you are interested in completing them, you should remember that the missions will be removed from the game on 26 March 2023. Hence, you should complete the Ranger missions before then.

The Holodeck and levelling up

The Holodeck is a building in your fleet that you can only construct once you have reached operations level 15. This building allows you to take on missions from the most beloved previously-released Arcs.

There are numerous missions that you can complete in the Holodeck, some of which offer better rewards than others. You cannot begin the Ranger missions if you do not have a Holodeck.

If you are a low-level player and you are interested in completing the Ranger missions, you first have to improve your level to unlock the Holodeck, and then to access the Ranger missions.

To level up quickly, players can focus on completing the main missions, as they yield the most experience points and completing them unlocks additional missions.

You should also master multi-tasking and leave nothing to idle. Furthermore, you should use your speedups wisely, join an Alliance, and travel to other star systems to vanquish enemies to increase your level quicker.

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