STFC: Queen’s Gambit

The Queen’s Gambit is a new questline that players can enjoy in STFC, but you have to be level 34 to complete it.

Players can test their strategic skills in this adventurous video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

The game follows the Kelvin timeline of the classic series, Star Trek, therefore you can enjoy the ships, characters and locations in STFC from the series.

In addition to following the main arc, you can complete quests, one of which is the Queen’s Gambit.

STFC: Queen’s Gambit

Update 55, which was released on Tuesday, 6 June 2023, introduced many new features to STFC. Players can now complete various new quests, collect new officers and vanquish new enemies.

One of these quests is the Queen’s Gambit, which consists of several parts. Keep in mind that the Queen’s Gambit cannot be started directly by accepting it in a system.

The first part of the quest requires that you rendezvous with Voyager by going to Murray. Gamers then have to follow the Borg trail and go to Karuna.

You have to defeat 12 hostiles level 34 or higher before going to Zahl. When you have arrived, you must defeat the Borg Sphere, which has 431 670 strength before going to Vaskan Kyrian.

Once this is completed, you will earn rich rewards, however, you will also unlock the Queen’s Gambit Part 2, which requires that you find the Borg Queen.

STFC: Queen’s Gambit
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How to begin the Queen’s Gambit

Several quests in STFC can be accepted by traveling to a specific system, but the Queen’s Gambit cannot be started directly. In order to start the quest chain, you have to open your Holodeck menu.

The Holodeck allows players to take on missions from the most beloved previously-released arcs. The recommended level for the Queen’s Gambit is 34.

If you are yet to reach level 34, you should not accept the quest, as you will struggle to vanquish the enemies.


The Queen’s Gambit has several parts, each of which requires that you complete specific objectives. You will then earn rich rewards:

Queen’s Gambit part Rewards
  • Tom Paris
  • 289 000 Dilithium
  • 2 x 1 Day Assignment Speed Up
  • 101 000 Officer Experience Points
  • 15 x 3-Star Uncommon Refined Crystal
  • 21 x 30 minute Repair Speed Up
  • 1,44 million Tritanium
  • 15 x 3-star Uncommon Refined Ore
  • 3 x 1 Day Speed Up
  • 9.82 million Parsteel
  • 80 Premium Recruit Tokens
  • 1200 x 3-star Raw Gas
  • Harry Kim
  • 5 x 100 000 Tritanium Token
  • 800 x 3-star Raw Crystal


It is crucial to note that when you complete part 1 of the Queen’s Gambit, you will get access to part 2 of the questline. However, the quest will not automatically appear in your quest log.

STFC players must open their Holodeck menu to acquire the second part of the Queen’s Gambit. Allegedly, you have to purchase the next part before to complete it.

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