STFC: Quantum Keys

STFC players need to collect Quantum Keys in order to unlock a Fleet Commander’s special skill.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is an adventurous mobile game that combines role-playing elements with strategic battles. While progressing in the game, you can defeat enemies, construct ships, collect Officers, and build your base.

Scopely, the game’s developer, recently introduced Fleet Commanders to the game and to upgrade these Commanders, you need to acquire Quantum Keys.

What are Fleet Commanders?

Fleet Commanders have years of honoured services and impeccable records. Each Fleet Commander provides buffs that will give you an advantage over other Commanders and enemies.

Their skills also assist in researching economy-related objectives and aid in specific ship-related endeavours.

In order to get a Fleet Commander, you have to construct a Command Center in your base. After building the Command Center, you will unlock a Fleet Commander chair, which enables gamers to assign a Fleet Commander to the building.

In January 2023, players are able to unlock either Spock or Kirk as their first Fleet Commander. It is alleged that additional Fleet Commanders will be released in the future.

STFC: Quantum Keys

Every Fleet Commander in STFC has a unique skill tree. The skill tree is a specific feature that allows you to develop a Fleet Commander’s skills. The tree is divided into 3 branches. The table below outlines Spock and Kirk’s skill tree branches:

Fleet Commander Branches
  • Miner: Players will benefit from mining-related buffs
  • Architect: You will get station-related buffs
  • Scientist: It provides research buffs
  • Explorer: You will benefit from buffs that are related to space exploration
  • Hunter: Players will get a number of buffs when fighting enemies
  • Leader: It provides officer-related buffs

Every branch requires a unique key to unlock. The Command Center Refinery will grant unique keys when your Fleet Commander reaches rank 1,5,9,13, and 18. Some skills, however, require a Quantum Key and are considered On Duty: Selectable skills.

These skills are only applied when the Fleet Commander is assigned to the Command Center building. It is important to note that you have to choose one skill to unlock. This choice cannot be changed at a later stage, so you have to choose wisely.

Selectable skills have a distinguishable frame around them in the skill tree and unlocking them requires a Quantum Key.

In order to procure a Quantum Key, you have to rank up your selected Fleet Commander. It is therefore crucial that you upgrade your Fleet Commander regularly, as you cannot acquire Quantum Keys elsewhere.

STFC: Quantum Keys
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How to progress in a Skill Tree

To progress on a Fleet Commander’s skill tree, you need to acquire specific Skill Points. However, every Fleet Commander requires their own Skill Points.

If you selected Spock, you have to obtain Spock’s skill points, whereas you need to collect Kirk’s skill points to progress his skill tree.

You can level up your Fleet Commander to specific skill points. That being said, you can exchange Uncommon Skill Points in the Command Center Refinery to get Specific skill points.

If you level up your Command Center, you will receive Uncommon Skill Points. Players can also procure additional points in the “Offers” tab.

Should you select Spock or Kirk?

After building your Command Center, you will unlock your first Fleet Commander Chair. When your Command Center reaches level 40, you will unlock a second chair.

This means that the Fleet Commander that you select will be assigned for 39 levels, so players should choose carefully.

Kirk is a fantastic option if you are focusing on defeating enemies, while Spock is more efficient in harvesting resources. If you are finding it difficult to choose between Spock and Kirk, it is advisable that you choose Spock initially.

Once he has unlocked his third ability, you can switch to Kirk, as he provides players with greater benefits.

STFC: Spock or Kirk

Command Center

Before you can use Quantum Keys to unlock Fleet Commander skills in STFC, you have to construct a Command Center.

If you are level 15 or higher, you will receive a gift in your in-game mail and opening this gift will begin the quest to construct your Command Center.

Once the Command Center is built, you have to upgrade it to increase its level. Self- Sealing Stem Bolts are used to upgrade this building and it can only be acquired from the Daily Gift which is in the Command Center Refinery.

It is essential that you upgrade your Command Center regularly, as you will unlock another Fleet Commander chair once it reaches level 40. You will receive more fleet-wide buffs when you have 2 Fleet Commanders.

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