STFC: Quantum communicators

STFC players need Quantum Communicators to construct and level up their Command Center.

In Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC), gamers can test their tactical skills while exploring space systems. Since the game follows the Kelvin chronology of the classic Star Trek series, you will encounter similar aspects in the game to those in the series.

There are numerous buildings in STFC, one of which is the Command Center. However, you will need quantum communicators, among other resources, to build it.

What is the Command Center?

The Command Center (CC) is a building that you can construct within your base. This building allows Fleet Commanders to perform their duties and to provide buffs to your fleet.

It is worth remembering that the building has a limited number of slots for assigning Fleet Commanders.

Once you have constructed the building, you can assign Fleet Commanders to receive  bonuses. However, to make any changes on the assigned Fleet Commanders, players have to ensure that they dock all ships for the buffs to be applied.

STFC: Quantum communicators
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STFC: Quantum communicators

When you start playing STFC, you will notice that your base is empty. This is because it is your responsibility to construct buildings in your base to improve your fleet. Keep in mind that you also have to construct ships by collecting resources and materials.

One of the buildings that you can construct is the Command Center. Although this may seem like a simple feature, the Command Center plays a crucial role in the game. This is because it allows you to receive bonuses and buffs by assigning Fleet Commanders.

Before you can assign Fleet Commanders, you have to construct the Command Center. You need specific materials to construct the building. One of the resources that you will need is Quantum Communicators.

Unlike other resources in STFC, Quantum Communicators cannot be harvested. Instead, players have to complete a quest to acquire it.

Players have to accept the Legends of the Cosmos mission to get the quest and start it. The quest will give you the resources to build the Command Center.

Once you have built your Command Center, you have to increase its level. It is vital to note that every level increase requires a specific quantity of Quantum Communicators.

Players thus have to complete the mission or activity several times in order to increase your Command Center’s level.

How many Quantum Communicators do you need to upgrade your CC?

The quantity of Quantum Communicators that you need to upgrade your CC increases with the CC level. The table below lists the amount that you need for each CC level:

Level Number of Quantum Communicators required
1 18
5 27
10 48
15 77
20 140
25 210
30 350
35 520
40 880
45 1 300
50 2 200
55 3 240
60 4 760

In addition to Quantum Communicators, you need Self Sealing Stem Bolts to upgrade your CC. You can procure Self Sealing Stem Bolts from the daily gift in the refinery.

The CC Refinery allows players to upgrade their CC in order to unlock additional skills and Fleet Commander chairs.

Fleet Commanders

Players can unlock their first Fleet Commander chair once they have constructed their Command Center. However, once your CC reaches level 40, you unlock a second Fleet Commander officer chair.

Fleet Commanders are officers with many years of distinguished services and flawless records. They provide your fleet with several buffs and bonuses.

You can complete the Legends of the Cosmos mission and choose between Admiral Kirk and Captain Spock as your first Fleet Commander. Both officers offer players unique buffs to choose from, however, you can only choose 1.

This means that you have to carefully decide who you want to be your first Fleet Commander.

Fleet Commander’s skill tree

The Skill Tree is a specific feature where each STFC Fleet Commander can develop his skills. Every tree is divided into 3 unique branches. The table below lists Spock and Kirk’s skill trees, which are as follows:

Fleet Commander Branches
  • Leader: Provides officer-related buffs
  • Hunter: You will get buffs when fighting hostiles
  • Explorer: It provides buffs related to space exploration
  • Scientist: It provides research buffs
  • Architect: Players can benefit from station-related buffs
  • Miner: You will gain mining related buffs.

If you are having a difficult time deciding which Fleet Commander you want, it is recommended that you select Spock. When Spock has unlocked his third ability, you can switch to Kirk, who has abilities that provide greater benefits in more situations.

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