STFC: Q’s Trials

Players can test their combat abilities in a new STFC activity, Q’s Trials, which rewards you with Protomatter.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) invites players to test their strategizing skills as they complete a series of space-based missions.

Scopely, the game’s developer, recently announced a major update, which introduced a variety of new features to the game. Players can now complete a series of Q’s Trials to unlock the Forbidden Tech.

STFC: Q’s Trials

On Tuesday, 4 July 2023, Scopely released the patch notes for update 54, which revealed that players can now complete Q’s Trials. Before you can commence a Trial, you have to build the new Q Court building and collect Trial Bells.

Players can get Trial Bells from the daily gift section or by participating in specific events.

If you are willing to spend real money in STFC, you can purchase additional Trial Bells from the “Offers” tab. Once you have collected enough Trial Bells, you can begin a Trial.

In every Trial, you have to defeat a hostile target before the timer depletes. Players should note that the target is unique to every Commander, so no one else will interact with the target except you.

Players can attempt to slay the target as many times as they want to while the timer is running. However, the target will regain its full SHP/HHP between each combat.

STFC: Q’s Trials
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Completing a Trial

If you successfully slay the target before the timer depletes, you will complete the Trial. The only way to fail a Trial is by not defeating the target before the timer expires.

If you fail to complete a Trial, you need to spend Trial Bells to attempt the Trial again.

For every trial that you complete, the Rank of the Trial will increase. When the Trial Rank increases, the hostile’s power will also increase. After completing a trial, you can unlock new Trials to face more challenging targets.

Trial rewards

For every Trial that you complete, you will receive Protomatter, which can be used to upgrade your Forbidden Technology.

Keep in mind that the amount of Protomatter that you receive is determined by the Trial and your current Court of Q building level.

Furthermore, your Rank will increase by a variable degree. As your Rank increases in the Trial, you will be able to procure Milestone Rewards. These one-time rewards include unique pieces of Forbidden Tech.

Assessment Rank

Assessment Rank is the highest rank that STFC players can reach in Q’s Trials. Once you reach this rank, you will no longer be able to collect Milestone Rewards, however, you can still complete Trials to farm Protomatter rewards.

Since Protomatter cannot be procured elsewhere in the game, we recommend that you complete Trials even if you have reached the Assessment Rank.

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