STFC: Q’s Trial Hostile

You either have to face an Interceptor, an Explorer or a Battleship during Q’s Trials in STFC, but Q can select a unique enemy.

Gamers can test their tactical abilities in this explorative mobile game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

On Tuesday, 4 July 2023, Scopely released the patch notes for update 56 and it revealed that players can now enjoy Q’s Trials. However some players are unsure about which hostile they have to face.

STFC: Q’s Trial Hostile

Before you begin a Trial, we recommend that you click the information button on the Trial screen to learn more about your Trial.

Every Trial either features a Battleship, an Explorer or an Interceptor. If you view the details about the enemy, you will be able to prepare accordingly.

If you choose the correct ship for the battle, you will gain a slight advantage over your opponent as STFC features a combat triangle.

Battleships have an advantage over Explorers, which have an advantage over Interceptors. That being said, Battleships are weaker against Interceptors than against Explorers.

You should therefore always consider the combat triangle before starting a Trial, as your ship can have a significant influence on your success. However, Q may select a special hostile for you to face sometimes, which may be a different ship type.

Players should remember that the enemy that they have to defeat during a Trial will always correspond with their current level.

This means that a level 20 player will not face a level 50 hostile, as they do not have a chance at conquering the enemy.

STFC: Q’s Trial Hostile
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How to gain access to Q’s Trials

In order to unlock Q’s Trials, players must construct the new building, Q’s Court.

If you are level 19 or higher, you have likely received a Court of Q Key as a gift and this item is required to build the Court. Upon completion, you will gain access to the Trials.

However, to begin a Trial, you have to procure Trial Bells. If you are willing to purchase items with real money, you can acquire Trial Bells in the “Offers” Tab.

However you can also receive Trial Bells in the “Daily Gift” section, and by participating in certain in-game events.

Why should you complete Trials?

Completing a Trial is the only way that players can earn Protomatters, which is a new item that was introduced with update 56.

This item can be used to upgrade your Forbidden Technology, which transforms your ships into even more powerful vessels.

Moreover, as you complete Trials, you will receive Forbidden Tech, which can be slotted to your ships.

To unlock a ship’s Forbidden Tech slot, you must acquire Fusion Rods, which can be exchanged for Forbidden Tech Credits in the Refinery.

Can you unlock additional Trials?

STFC players can unlock additional Trials by upgrading Q’s Court and by farming Seals of Approval. To unlock the 3-star Trial: Explorers, you need to collect a 3-star Seal of Approval: Explorers.

You can collect these Seals by completing the 2-star Trials. If you unlock additional Trials, you can gain Milestone Rewards, which includes unique Forbidden Tech.

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