STFC: Q’s Rush Hour

STFC’s players can now participate in Q’s Rush Hour event, however, it is believed that this is an April Fools prank.

Scopely regularly hosts events in Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC), but keep in mind that every event has unique objectives that you have to complete to earn rich rewards. One of these events is Q’s Rush Hour.

This event began on Saturday, 30 March 2024 and will conclude on Tuesday, 2 April 2024. During this time, players must claim a Rush Hour Gift from the gift section to start the event.

When you claim the gift, the clock will start counting down, and you will only have a specific amount of time to complete the task.

STFC: Q’s Rush Hour
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It is worth noting that there are different tiers of tasks you have to complete. The first task is allegedly nearly impossible to complete, while the second tier is considered improbable. However, the third tier is reportedly the easiest to complete.

On the official STFC Discord server, several Commanders have shared the tasks that they have to complete to earn rewards.

A player named LeChuck revealed that for Q’s Rush Hour event, he had to vanquish more than 4000 hostiles in 60 minutes.

Another player mentioned that he simply had to claim a 10-minute chest to complete his task.

Keep in mind that there is a possibility that you will fail to complete the task in an hour, but luckily, Q will turn back time for you to attempt to complete the task again.

Commanders can therefore attempt to complete the tasks as many times as possible to earn the rewards.

However, Q’s Rush Hour event will end in the next few hours, and then you will no longer be able to complete the tasks and earn rewards.


If you complete Q’s Rush Hour event, you will earn character shards for PIC Admiral Picard as well as for Enterprise-E Troi.

On the official Discord server, several commanders shared that you will only earn 2 shards. Nevertheless, these officers can still be a great addition to your collection:

Officer Abilities
Enterprise-E Troi
  • Psychoanalysis (Officer ability): Reduces the opponent’s Shield Health by 400% of total Officer Attack at the beginning of every round versus non-Armada Hostiles.
  • Three Shots of Something (Below Deck Ability): Increases Critical Hit Damage by 20% versus Armadas and Hostiles.
PIC Admiral Picard
  • Seize the Time (Captain Ability): At the beginning of the round, there is a 90% chance that he can apply Morale for 3 rounds against player ships
  • This far, no further (officer ability): He increases your ship base Weapon Damage by 500% on combat start against a player Explorer for the duration of combat.

April Fool’s joke

Since Q’s Rush Hour tasks are nearly impossible to complete, several Commanders believe that this event was introduced to the game as an April Fool’s joke.

One player mentioned that you have to vanquish 412 hostiles, which translates to Monday, 1 April 2024.

Furthermore, players are very unhappy that they have to complete extremely difficult tasks to only earn 2 character shards.

Therefore many assume that Scopely used this event and its rewards to prank their Commanders. That being said, Scopely has yet to confirm if the event was indeed an April Fool’s prank or not.

Should you participate in Q’s Rush Hour?

Q’s Rush Hour event will conclude in the next few hours, and since its tasks are quite difficult to complete, it is not advisable to start the event now as you will not be able to complete the tasks and earn the rewards on time.

Several players revealed on the official STFC Discord server that they will not complete this event, even though they had enough time to complete the tasks.

Allegedly, players were not willing to put in that much effort to complete the event for only 2 character shards.

Scopely hosts in-game events on a regular basis, and these events were not designed as an April Fools prank, which means that the tasks that you have to complete will be much easier to complete, and the rewards will be richer.

Q’s Trial

Although Q’s Rush Hour event will conclude in a few hours, players can still enjoy Q’s Trial. This activity requires that players complete unique activities, for which you generally have to defeat a specific enemy.

That being said, only STFC players level 19 and higher can build Q’s Court, which is required to unlock Q’s Trials.

Furthermore, you have to claim Q Keys in the Gift section to begin a Trial. Once you begin a trial, you will have a specific amount of time to defeat the opponent and earn rewards.

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