STFC: Q’s Challenge

In Q’s Challenge, STFC players have to use Trial Bells 3 times to start Q’s Trials, which rewards players with Protomatter upon completion.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) follows the Kelvin chronology of the classic Star Trek series, thus you can encounter similar iconic characters, locations and ships in the game to those in the series.

In addition to the main arc, you can enjoy numerous in-game events and activities, such as Q’s Challenge.

STFC: Q’s Challenge

Q’s Challenge is a new mission in STFC. The mission states, “Use Trial Bells 3 times to start Q’s Trials.” Q’s Trials was introduced to STFC with update 54, which was released on Tuesday, 4 July 2023.

For this activity, players must defeat a target before the timer depletes. The Target is unique to each Commander, as no one else may see or interact with the target that  you have to face.

You may attempt to defeat the target as many times as you wish while the timer is running.

However players should note that the Trial hostile will regain its full SHP/HHP between every combat. The Trial comprises either a Battleship, an Explorer, or an Interceptor.

There is a chance that players may have to fight a special hostile, which could be of a different ship type.

STFC: Q’s Challenge
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How to unlock Q’s Trials

In order to enjoy Q’s Challenge, your Ops building has to be at least level 19. If you meet the requirements, you can construct Q’s Court, which requires Court of Q Keys. You can find these keys in the Gifts Section of the Game.

Once the court is built, players need to procure Trial Bells to unlock a Trial. Players can collect Trial Bells as the daily gift or from specific events.

However, if you are willing to spend real money in STFC, you can purchase additional Trial from in the “Offers” tab.

Can you fail a Trial?

The only way players can fail a Trial is by not destroying the target before the timer expires. If you fail a Trial, you need to spend Trial Bells to attempt the Trial again.

Before attempting to complete the trial again, we recommend that you focus on increasing your crew and your vessel’s power to ensure that the battle goes smoothly.

Rewards for completing a Trial

Upon successful completion of a Trial, Q will reward players with Protomatter. You can use this item to upgrade your Forbidden Technology, which can transform your ships into more powerful vessels.

You cannot acquire Protomatter from elsewhere in STFC, therefore, we recommend that you complete as many Trials as possible.

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