STFC: PvP Range

Before you participate in STFC’s PvP game mode, you have to consider the ranges, as some levels cannot be attacked.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) features a player-versus-environment and player-versus-player game modes. After reaching level 10, the ability to attack other players and to be attacked by others is activated.

That being said, you should take note of the PvP Range before you randomly attack another player in the galaxy. Based on your level, there are certain levels that you can attack and that can attack you.

Since these levels feature a wide range, you can be attacked at any point while progressing in STFC. We therefore recommend that you always keep an eye on other players when you leave your base and when you are out mining resources.

The following table lists the PvP range in STFC:

Current level Minimum target level Maximum target level
10 8 12
15 13 17
20 18 24
25 21 39
30 22 46
35 24 54
40 26 61
45 29 69
50 33 76

To ensure that you are always ready for PvP, you have to assign powerful officers to your vessels.

Although you can use any crew combination for PvP, this is not recommended, as some officers perform better against other players than other officers.

Recommended crews

It is worth noting that PvP crews depend on several factors, including which officers you have unlocked, which ships you have constructed and your level at the time.

However, you can never go wrong with PvP if you use Kirk, Spock and Khan. If you are yet to collect these officers, you can use 5 of 11, Khan with either Marcus, Charvanek or Kang.

Additionally, you can use Yuki, Marcus, Worf, Khan, Gowron, Martok, Ba’el, L’nar, Krel, Yan’agh or Mirek.

Territory Capture

Territory Capture is one of the many activities in STFC, though only players who are part of an Alliance can participate in it.

During this activity, you have to defeat other players to earn points. The Alliance with the most points will then win the Territory and numerous buffs.

It is noteworthy that the above-mentioned PvP ranges do not apply to the Territory Capture activity. In this activity, any level can be attacked by any other level. This means that a level 50 player can attack a level 10 player.

STFC: Territory Capture
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How to attack another player

If you are interested in attacking another STFC player, select a target on the System map to open a preview window of the target.

This window will show you the exact ship type, strength and estimated difficulty. If the difficulty is incredibly high, we recommend that you look for another ship.

You can click on the “Scan” option to view more details and if you select the “Attack” icon, you will send your selected ship to attack the target.

Keep in mind that only targets that can be attacked will have an “Attack” button in the preview window.

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