STFC: Promo Codes

STFC promo codes were introduced in June 2023, however, only 1 code has been released and it can only be used by specific players.

You can enter a galaxy in Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) on the brink of war as different factions battle for control of the Beta and Alpha quadrants.

You have to take on the role of a Commander of a powerful fleet to explore places that no one has been before.

Promo codes

In June 2023, Scopely, the game’s developer, released the In Warps promo codes update. The update revealed that there is a variety of ways for new and current Commanders to collect several items, including officer shards.

Promo codes allow players to use specific phrases or codes on the STFC Webstore to redeem free items.

You can acquire a promo code by staying up to date with STFC’s social media platforms, community events and announcements.

When you find a promo code, you have to open the STFC Webstore and select the “Redeem Code” option. Players have to sign in using their Scopely Account to use the promo code.

Before you sign into your Scopely account, you should ensure that your Scopely Account is linked to your STFC account. After signing in, you can enter the promo code and get free in-game rewards.

STFC: Promo Codes
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Which promo codes can you use?

Since the promo code system was introduced in STFC, several players have been keeping a close eye on the official STFC platforms.

However, it appears that only 1 code has been released. The promo code you can use to get free rewards is KIRK, which is the name of the legendary officer that players can add to their fleet.

Unfortunately, most players cannot use this promo code, as they are not eligible for the rewards.

This has caused some confusion amongst players, as the promo code announcement made it seem like everyone would be able to use the codes.

Ineligibility for KIRK promo code

Most of STFC’s gamers cannot use the KIRK promo code to redeem rewards. Some players believe that this is because the promo code can only be used by new players.

On the official STFC Discord channel, one player revealed that he is currently level 7 and cannot use the code, but another player, who is level 15, can use the code.

Allegedly, only players who have yet to create a Scopely account can redeem the code and earn rewards. However, Scopely has not confirmed or denied, this statement.

Do promo codes have an expiration date?

Every promo code that STFC will release has a start and expiration date. If the promo code is expired, you will not be able to redeem the rewards.

Moreover, the promo code duration cannot be extended and expired codes will not be changed or swapped, for active codes.

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