STFC: Private Investigator Answers

The Private Investigator event in STFC requires you to answer questions by completing tasks, however, not all the answers are available yet.

In Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) gamers can encounter iconic characters from the well-renowned series, Star Trek.

There are several activities and in-game events that you can participate in to earn rewards. One of these events is Private Investigator, but the questions can be complicated.

How long is the Private Investigator event active?

The Private Investigator event commenced on Monday, 10 April 2023 and will conclude on Thursday, 13 April 2023. During this time, players can step into the shoes of the great Detective Dixon Hill and solve cases for people in need.

You have to complete all 4 cases to receive rewards. Keep in mind that this is a solo milestone event for players that are level 10 and higher. This means that you cannot depend on your Alliance to help you complete the event.

We recommend that you participate in the event while it is active. Once the event concludes, it will be removed from the game, and you will no longer be able to earn rewards.

STFC: Private Investigator Answers

In the Private Investigator event, players have to answer questions in order to receive rewards. For example, the first question reads, “In STFC, what do the systems Kayojui, Yesop, Veias and Xabek have in common?”

There are no answer options for this question. Players therefore have to use the clue to answer the question. The answer for the first case requires that you kill 15 enemies in Friefra, which is a level 10 system.

To answer case #2, you need to defeat 15 enemies in Una, which is a level 9 system. Unfortunately, there will only be 2 answers for the Private Investigator event, as there is only 1 case revealed per day.

STFC: Private Investigator Answers
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For case #3 players have to kill 15 enemies in the level 10 system, Later. At the moment of writing, only the first 3 cases have been unlocked. The last case will only be unlocked today, 13 April 2023.

It is therefore impossible to reveal the answers  #4, as the questions are undetermined. However, players can keep an eye on the official STFC Discord as all event answers are revealed in the “Event Tips and Spoilers” channel.

Although the answers to the questions are available on the Discord, it is advisable that you try to answer it on your own. If you really struggle to answer the questions, you can refer to the STFC Discord to find out the answer.

It is unknown whether you will receive rewards if you select the wrong answer or not. Hence, it is recommended that you check the Discord to see if your answer is correct before completing the task.

Private Investigator

As previously mentioned, the Private Investigator event allows you to step into Detective Dixon Hill’s shoes for a limited period of time.

According to Star Trek lore, Dixon Hill was a childhood hero of Jean-Luc Picard and continued to be after Picard became the captain of the USS Enterprise-D.

Update M53, which was released on Tuesday, 4 April 2023, revealed that players can now acquire Dixon Hill as an Officer.

His officer ability, The Dixon Deflection, reduces the opponent’s shield mitigation every round while defending a mining node. Moreover, his below deck ability, Digging the Dirt, increases your mining speed.

STFC: Dixon Hill event

Private Investigator Case #2

The question for case #2 reads, “Good morning Dixon Hill, my enemies hide in a system named after an Enterprise officer. This officer was tasked with finding strange, but new, worlds.”

You have to find the correct system using this clue and destroy 15 hostiles within the system to answer the question.

As explained above, the answer to this question is Una. Some players had to complete Private Investigator case #2 before case #1.

Anyone that completed case #2 first and did not have the option to complete case #1 will have those rewards sent to them within this week.

Private Investigator Case #3

Case #3 of the Private Investigator event was recently unlocked and STFC players can now answer the question by following the hint.

The official in-game statement reads, “As you get ready to leave for the day, putting on your hat and jacket, a letter is slipped under the door of Dixon Hill’s office.”

The letter reads, “To Dixon Hill, a problem for you to solve, my enemies are hiding in a system that is a ‘comparative of late’ and ‘at some time after a given time.’ It is home to hub Bevod and Hexay.”

To answer this question, you have to vanquish 15 enemies in Later.

Private Investigator Case #4

Players were only able to unlock the final case for the Private Investigator event.

The hint reads, “A package arrives with a cage that contains a large dove inside. Attached to the dove, there is a note which reads, ”My last enemies are hiding ‘opposite of the dove.’”

In order to answer this question, players have to defeat 15 enemies in the level 6 system, LittleDove. The event will conclude once you have killed the enemies,  then you will receive your rewards.

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