STFC: Prime Shield Health Boost

STFC’s recent update introduced the Prime Shield Health Boost node, and it increases base shield health for all your vessels.

As a commander of a starbase in Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) you can recruit iconic characters, construct legendary vessels and go where no one has gone before.

To advance in the game you have to complete research, progress through space-based missions and participate in events.

Prime Shield Health Boost

On Tuesday, 5 December 2023 Scopely released the patch notes for update 61, which continues the “Make it So” arc.

This update not only introduced a new activity, new buildings and a new mini-game, but it also introduced new research nodes.

The new prime nodes focus on bolstering shield health for all vessels and increases rewards from the Voyager refinery.

One of the research nodes that you can therefore unlock is Shield Health Boost, which increases the base shield health of all your vessels.

STFC: Prime Shield Health Boost
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Since it is a Prime Research Node, it can only be unlocked by purchasing a pack with real money.

However on the official STFC Discord channel, several players mentioned that they cannot find the pack in the game which allows them to unlock Shield Health Boost node.

Unfortunately Scopely is yet to address this issue, but several commanders believe that the pack will only become available with the next update.

It is unknown when the next STFC update will be released, but we recommend that you check the official STFC website regularly as all patch notes and announcements can be viewed on the website.

Shield Health Boost details

Although the Shield Health Boost package is yet to be released, players can consider the following details about the Prime Health Boost node:

Category Level 1 Level 2
Power 71 000 82 500
Bonus 400% 800%
Requirement Level 30 R&D Department Level 30 R&D Department
Research Time 21 days and 12 hours 32 days, 9 hours and 40 minutes
Research Cost
  • 6.72 million Dilithium
  • 1200 Prime Dolamide Particles
  • 50 million Dilithium
  • 1800 Astral Prime Particles

How to purchase the Prime Shield Boost pack

Once the Prime Shield Boost Pack is released, players can purchase it to unlock the node in the Galaxy tree.

Unfortunately, it is undetermined how much the pack will cost, but it is believed that it will cost roughly the same as the other Prime Packs.

In order to purchase the pack, you have to open the “Offers” tab in STFC and find the pack in the list of available items.

Players must select the “Purchase” or “Buy” option on the menu and follow the given instructions to complete the purchase.

Keep in mind that you may have to add a payment method to your Google Play Store or your Apple Store to purchase the pack.

When you have completed the payment, you will receive your items instantly and will be able to unlock the node.

R&D Department

As in the table above, the only requirement the node has is that your R&D building is level 30.

This essentially indicates that low-level players cannot unlock the node as the building only unlocks at operations level 4 and then you have to increase its level to 30 before you can unlock the node.

In order to upgrade your R&D building to level 30, both your operations building and your academy have to be level 30.

Furthermore, your Tritanium Warehouse has to be level 28, however, you also need to procure various resources to upgrade your R&D building.

Do you have to purchase the Shield Health Boost pack?

There are several STFC gamers who do not want to spend real money in the game and unfortunately, this means that they will not be able to unlock the Prime Shield Health Boost node.

It is crucial to note that it is not mandatory to spend real money in the game, as it will not influence your progress in the game.

That being said, players who purchase the pack will get a slight advantage against players who did not purchase the pack.

However, there are numerous officers in STFC that can be assigned to a vessel to provide it with a range of buffs.

There is a possibility that there are officers which increase a ship’s Shield Health, but you may not get an officer which is able to increase the Shield Health of all your vessels.

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