STFC: Prime Research List

It is difficult to stay up to date with the Prime Nodes in STFC, but luckily, you can use the Prime Research list to keep track of them.

You can discover legendary Star Trek characters, storylines, ships and locations in this explorative video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

As you progress in the game, you will unlock Research nodes, which allow you to advance your station and fleet.

In addition to normal nodes, players can unlock Prime Nodes, which provide your fleet with additional bonuses.

STFC: Prime Research List

There are more than 20 Prime Nodes to unlock in several Research Trees. Therefore, it can be difficult to keep track of them.

Fortunately, you can use the following Prime Research List to stay up to date:

Prime name Research tree Minimum OPS Level Free Unlock OPS Unlock Method
Prime Damage Combat 4 4 Diil
Prime Hulls Combat 9 20 G3 Uncommon
Prime Shields Combat 9 20 G3 Uncommon
Prime Defenses Combat 19 34 Scrap 26 ships
Prime Resources Station 5 5 Dill
Prime Build Speed Station 12 20 G3 resources
Prime Research Speed Station 12 20 G3
Prime Repair Costs Station 19 34 Scrapping Ships
Prime Officers Galaxy 20 23 Scrapping Ships
Prime Daily Faction Event Galaxy 23 34 Scrapping
Prime Cloaked Racketeer Galaxy 26 26 Event Stores
Prime Enhanced Analysis Galaxy 41 41 Multiphasic gifts
Prime Stella Cargo Outlaw 31 51 G5 Rare
Prime Latinum Refining Starships 28 40 Loyalty Chests
Vinculum Scrapper Starships 35 35 Holodeck mission

Community Rankings

In 2022, some STFC players submitted their Prime Research Tier List to a third-party website, which then created a combined tier list for Prime Nodes:

Tier Prime Nodes
  • Officers
  • Survival Skills
  • None
  • None
  • Borg Rewards
  • Damage
  • Interceptor, Battleship, Explorer Manufacturing
  • Stella Efficiency
  • Surfay Manufacturing
  • Resource Refining
  • Stella Cargo
  • Repair Speed
  • Build Speed
  • Ship Repairs
  • Protected Cargo
  • Critical Hit Damage
  • Materials Extractor
  • Piercing
  • Vi’dar Cargo
  • Critical Hit Chance

It is noteworthy that this tier list is outdated, as it was made in 2022. We therefore recommend that you use the list with caution.

When can you unlock the Research Trees?

It is crucial that you check your Research Trees regularly, as the Trees unlock at different levels.

For instance, the Galaxy Tree only becomes available once your R&D Department reaches level 20, while the Combat Tree becomes available at base level 5.

When you have unlocked a Research Tree, you should research different nodes regularly to boost your fleet and station.

Prime Research nodes effects

For every Prime Research node that you activate, you will receive a unique effect, which makes it quite difficult to decide which node to activate.

For example, Prime Augment Favor improves outputs from augment reputation bundles in the faction store while Prime Defenses increase base Shield Deflection, Armor and Dodge for all ships by 100 percent.

STFC: Prime Research List
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We recommend that you carefully consider your gameplay, your objectives and whether you are willing to spend real money in STFC or not before deciding which Prime Node to activate.

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