STFC: Prime Dolamide Particle

To research the 2 Prime Research Nodes in STFC, you need to acquire Prime Dolamide Particles, which can only be purchased with real money.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is an exhilarating video game that follows the Kelvin chronology of the well-renowned series, Star Trek.

To progress in the game, you have to explore space, build ships, complete research and recruit officers. STFC recently added new research options, which require Prime Dolamide Particles.

STFC: Prime Dolamide Particle

When your R&D Department reaches level 20, you will unlock the Galaxy Tree, which allows you to perform research.

By performing research, you will have more effective navigation of the Galaxy, enhanced mining and refining, better loot, improved officers and advanced combat capabilities.

Most of the features can be researched by farming a research currency in the game. However, STFC recently introduced 2 new Prime Research aspects, which cannot be researched for free.

This has caused some controversy amongst players because not everyone is willing to spend real money in STFC.

In order to research the Prime aspects, you need to acquire Prime Dolamide Particles. The only way to acquire this item is by purchasing it with real money.

This means that free-to-play players will never be able to acquire the Prime Dolamide Particle and therefore, they cannot research the new Prime aspects.

Prime Research effects

By completing research in the Galaxy tree, you will unlock several benefits that can have a big influence on your gameplay.

The 2 new Prime Research nodes purportedly increase your mining efficiency for several materials, including gas, crystals and ores.

Additionally, you will receive bonuses for your ship parts by completing a Prime Research node. Unfortunately, these effects can only be activated by performing the research, which requires a Prime Dolamide Particle.

How to purchase Prime Dolamide Particles

In order to purchase Prime Dolamide Particles, players have to open the in-game store, which has various items for sale. Some of these items can be purchased by using an in-game currency that you can acquire for free.

STFC: Prime Dolamide Particle
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However, other items, like the Prime Dolamide Particle, require real money. There are several tiers of the research you have to complete to receive the most benefits.

To research both Prime aspects to the maximum, you have to purchase approximately $1297 worth of Prime Dolamide Particles.

Should you purchase Prime Dolamide Particles?

Various STFC players enjoy the game without spending money, while others purchase items with real money to receive bonuses and benefits.

It is worth noting that it is not mandatory to purchase Prime Dolamide Particles as it will not have an influence on the main quest line.

However, players who purchase the Particles will receive an advantage over those who decided not to purchase them.

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  1. OK… WHERE IS IT IN THE STORE to PURCHASE ??? I have been looking for it over one hour and unable to locate it. DO you know where it is ? Can you post a picture of the location of the store area? Thank you. I am completely locked up and cannot move forward without this particles.
    ALSO, I am Stuck in another ITEM I am supposed to have in the Store…. NO where to be found is the ADVANCED EXOCOMP KEY II. Do you know where that is so I can build up my EXOCOMP building on my Station? Thanks again.


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