STFC: Prime Armada Refinery

Commanders can use the Prime Armada Refinery in STFC to gain an extra pull when opening chests, but it costs real money to research the node.

Commanders can put their tactical abilities to the test in this explorative video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

The goal of the game is to expand your fleet by completing space-based missions, constructing ships, recruiting officers and exploring a vast galaxy.

Prime Armada Refinery

When you reach a specific level in STFC, you can unlock the Research Tree, which consists of different branches.

In every branch, you will be able to research various nodes and when the research is complete, you will receive bonuses and benefits.

Keep in mind that some nodes can only be researched by purchasing a bundle with real money, whereas others can only be researched if you meet certain requirements.

One of the nodes that you can research in the Galaxy Tree is Prime Armada Refinery.

If you research this node, you will receive +1 refine when you claim G4 and G5 Armada bundles from the Alliance Store.

To research this node, your R&D Department has to be at least level 40, which indicates that early-game Commanders are not able to research the Prime Armada Refinery node.

In order to commence the research, you need to collect 520 million Dilithium as well as 1000 Prime Valor Emblems.

Once you have these resources, you can commence the research, but gamers should keep in mind that the research is not instantly finished.

The Prime Armada Refinery Node takes approximately 343 days, 2 hours and 7 minutes to complete.

STFC: Prime Armada Refinery
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Additional Prime Armada research nodes

In addition to the Prime Armada Refinery, you can research 2 other Prime Armada nodes. The following table lists the other nodes and describes each one:

Node Prime Armada Damage Prime Armada Vulnerability
Description Increases base Weapon Damage against Armada Targets Increases Critical Hit Damage against Armada Targets
Requirement Your 4-Star Shield Modulation should be level 1 Your R&D Department has to be level 54
  • 754 Million Dilithium
  • 1000 5-star Uncommon Refined Gas
  • 299 billion Dilithium
  • 1000 6-star Uncommon Refined Gas
Research time 1 year, 24 days, 8 hours and 32 minutes 16 ears, 332 days, 4 hours and 11 minutes

R&D Department

The Research Lab is essential for the discovery of new technologies. You can unlock new ships, buildings and supporting technologies by upgrading this building.

Keep in mind, though, that you need to meet certain requirements, which are outlined below, to upgrade this building:

R&D Department level Requirements Cost
  • Operations level 4
  • Academy level 1
  • 100 Parsteel
  • Operations level 10
  • Academy level 10
  • Dilithium Generator A level 5
  • 7000 Parsteel
  • Operations level 20
  • Academy level 20
  • 173 000 Parsteel
  • 1 275 000 Dilithium
  • Operations level 30
  • Academy level 30
  • Tritanium Warehouse level 28
  • 15.9 Parsteel
  • 117 000 Dilithium
  • 1600 3-star Common Refined Gas
  • 330 3-star Uncommon Refined Gas
  • Operations level 40
  • Academy level 40
  • 3.44 billion Parsteel
  • 9.03 million Dilithium
  • 50 000 4-star Common Refined Gas

Prime Valor Emblems

As previously mentioned, you need 1000 Prime Valor Emblems to start researching the Prime Armada Refinery.

Unfortunately, this resource cannot be procured for free by progressing in STFC, so you have to purchase a package from the in-game store which contains Prime Valor Emblems.

For instance, if you purchase the Prime Station Siege package, you will receive 1000 Prime Valor Emblems, which allow you to research the Prime Armada Refinery node. However, this package costs approximately $125.50.

That being said, it is not mandatory that you purchase the pack to research the Prime Armada Refinery as it will not influence your gameplay directly.

However, if you do decide to research it, you will receive an additional chest pull to earn rich rewards.

Can the Prime Armada Refinery be upgraded?

Some nodes in the research tree have several levels available and if you research a new level, the node’s effects will increase.

The Prime Armada Refinery does not have any additional levels, which means that you only have to research it once to activate its bonuses.

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